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Users simply enter what the game world should look like and the AI ​​generates it.

It was only a matter of time before Artificial intelligence also the game development can take over. Researchers Julian Togelius and Timothy Merino from New York University and their team have developed a tool that allows game characters and new levels to be created from text input.

Togelius shows what this can look like in one Videos on Facebook:

The AI ​​model based on GPT-4 was with 882 Level cards from games, 100 Sprites (Graphic object, such as a character design in a specific pose), and 10.000 Emojis fed. In addition, descriptions were supplied of what can be seen in the pictures.

Easy handling

No explicit names like “Super Mario“, but paraphrases like “a man with a beard and a red suit”. As the researchers opposite New Scientist explain, they tried to keep the tool as simple and clear as possible.

Nevertheless, it can create exactly what the user imagines – “a flower meadow”, “a group of trees in a river” or “a flooded village” or “a woman in a red dress with a crown”, they will receive.

No powerful computer is required for this. “A lot of models need massive amounts of data to work. This thing was built on our Heimcomputer trained, works on theSmartphone and at high speed,” says Togelius. In their study (here) the researchers call their project “5-Dollar-Model“.

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