Khudyakov spoke about the paternity of Kirkorov and Lazarev

Politician Roman Khudyakov spoke about surrogate motherhood using the example of Philip Kirkorov and Sergey Lazarev. He believes that traditional values ​​must prevail in the world. However, if it is impossible to become a parent in the usual way, it allows for extreme measures.

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“A child must have a normal father and mother. And when dad is on tour, and children are raised by various other people’s aunts, nannies, and the only parent that mom is eliminated – of course, this is not normal. I am for complete families. But everything happens in life, right?! And I know many mothers and fathers who raise children on their own, ”Khudyakov said on social networks.

The politician said that it is too late to re-educate Kirkorov and Lazarev, and in general he believes that it is better to be silent about them, because they have children who can already analyze and hear the information.

Khudyakov fears that the surrogate heirs of the stars may feel redundant all their lives because of their status, so it is better not to aggravate the situation.

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