Khaled El-Sawy recently worried the public about his health after publishing a picture of him sitting in a wheelchair, before revealing that he had injured his foot while filming one of his recent works, and an apology to the public for publishing the photo and causing concern.

Khaled Al-Sawy reveals the developments in his health condition

The artist Khaled El-Sawy sent a new message to the audience today, reassuring them of his health, after revealing that he had injured his foot while filming one of his scenes, and he apologized again to the audience for raising their concern by publishing a picture while he was in a wheelchair, describing the matter as rushing him, and he said in his new post on Facebook :” I pray for the true, faithful loved ones, my consolation on earth and my cosmic homeland, the siblings of the soul from afar are closer than a relative who does not care and is close to the time of affluence only.. It’s better than yesterday, thank God, and often after two days I’ll walk and float, don’t worry, please.”

Khaled El-Sawy apologizes to the public because of his picture in a wheelchair

Khaled El-Sawy recently revealed his health condition and apologized to the public for raising their concern, and said: In short, I have an inflammation in the nerve in my right leg that is annoying but not dangerous. Within 3 days, the naughty person returns, he remained by God’s command. When I sat in the chair because the distance was too great, I asked for a photo with me.. When I saw the picture, I felt something, but I rushed or caught or painkillers played despicable.. Very Syrian, the most important thing is that the one between us every time proves his authenticity, I love you more than words can accommodate.”

Khaled El-Sawy worries the public about his health

Mai Karim, the wife of Khaled El-Sawy, had revealed the reason for her husband’s injury and said, after circulating his image in a wheelchair, and said: Khaled El-Sawy has neuritis in his right leg that resulted from an injury during the day of filming action..Art loves conscience and creativity sometimes takes its toll..your love is above the head..Two days rest and he comes back bouncing safely on the platos and stadiums. Thank you for your love and attention from the heart. God willing.”

Khaled Al-Sawy commented on his picture on the wheelchair and said: Two hours in this chair teach you to respect strength, respect weakness, and respect the dignity that is in weakness.” The artist Khaled El-Sawy is currently filming several new works of art, including a movie called “The Green Door” with Iyad Nassar and Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni, in addition to the movie “Cairo Mecca” with Actress Mona Zaki, and his latest work was in the movie “30 March” recently with Ahmed El-Fishawy and Dina El-Sherbiny, as well as the film “200 EGP”, which was shown during the summer season.

Photos from Khaled El-Sawy’s Instagram account.

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