Keys to regaining mental health on vacation

have a purpose it also helps to achieve well-being. That’s why Espinosa recommends “finding the ultimate reason why you do what you do.” This passion has a lot to do with the concept of Japanese culture ‘ikigai’, the essential motivation. As explained a few months ago at a BBVA Open Talks, an event organized by BBVA Open Innovation, this philosophy states that, to be happy one must find oneself: Enjoy the moment, take it easy, balance career with rest, and stay active.

However, learn to disconnect it is difficult when the responsibility for success seems to depend entirely on the entrepreneur and the passion for the project is taken to the extreme. “It’s not so much like getting up early that it wakes up earlier, but the entrepreneur is afraid that it won’t wake up and that’s why he can’t sleep,” warns San Román.

the psychologist Emma Iglesias, explains why this decoupling is necessary. “Emotional well-being is like a chair, to make it work and be stable it needs four legs and the backrest. The same thing happens with mental health: we can’t just rely on one leg. Our life cannot be focused only on workwe need to rest”, she affirms. Carlota Mateos corroborates this advice. After the pandemic, she was forced to face other difficult professional moments: “I solved it calmly because I had previously done the necessary work of self-knowledge, relaxation and calmness”.

“Our life cannot be focused only on work, we must rest”

Rejection management is another challenge for the entrepreneur, as Espinosa mentioned. For this reason, he advises to “flee from external approval” and learn that “failure is a sign that you are innovating.” And he adds: “You never know if it’s a failure or if a seed has been sown that will eventually bear fruit.”

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Surround yourself with good things to be more resilient

During the journey in search of the innovative solution, there is a key factor: the company, whether from the co-founders of the project, from mentors or from people from the personal environment who can offer their support. “Seeking companionship and advice to get out of the hole has a lot to do with resilience,” points out Espinosa. Therefore, entrepreneurs can work to improve that resilience.

On his part, Gabor Baloghfounder of Trucksters, a relay freight transport company that has carried out a pilot with BBVA Open Innovation and collaborates with BBVA, emphasized in this article the importance for him to get along with the other two co-founders: “People are not machines and nor do we generate consistent results and if one is in a valley, another may be in a peak.”

“It is very important to know how to identify what is in your control and what is not.”

Surrounding yourself well is not only useful in vulnerable moments, but have a good team is the key to business. For this reason, the entrepreneur must not transfer his uncertainty and stress to the rest of the professionals and must take care of the mental well-being of his team. Showing empathy, being able to negotiate and having systemic thinking are some tips for being a good leader. Also learn to delegate for the benefit of yourself and others. “It is very important to know how to identify what is in your control and what is not,” says Espinosa. Know how to identify the workload which can be accepted is another useful emotional intelligence skill for entrepreneurs, San Román agrees: “We all have a limit and it is best not to reach it.”

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Entrepreneurship and mental health, a balanced relationship

The balance between professional and personal life When engaging in the entrepreneurial career, avoid reaching the edge of the abyss, a point where the return is more complicated. In that case, it is advisable to go to a professional who can help solve the problems before they get worse and even develop disorders.

Since prevention is better than cure, rest becomes even more important in the summer. The holidays can be a good time to reflect on the importance of mental health before starting a new course and on how to take care of well-being. Recharging the batteries is a key step to take on new challenges with energy and enthusiasm.

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