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The family or friends gatherings this summer they are becoming one of the main transmission centers of the coronavirus. Up to 45% of the regrowths that have been registered in Spain since the de-escalation began have originated in this type of event. This has been highlighted by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, during one of his appearances in which he has once again stressed the need to comply with health regulations because the virus “continues to exist despite having managed with great effort to control the pandemic” . The numbers of infected people that are managed by the institution do not stop increasing day after day, while the autonomies take their own measures and ask the population for prudence and responsibility to stop the advance of the virus in our country.

Given this perspective, the General Council of Nursing has released an infographic and an animated video with all the recommendations that must be followed when meeting with family and friends safely. “We are seeing with great fear the increase in infections in many parts of the Spanish geography and, as professionals who have been at the forefront of the pandemic, we do not want a crisis like the one we have experienced in recent months to repeat. For our colleagues in hospitals, primary care and social and health care, it would be a very hard blow to face such a catastrophe again. For this reason, we want to remind the population again and again of the need to comply with health recommendations to prevent outbreaks, “says Florentino Pérez Raya, president of the General Council of Nursing.

From the nursing institution they understand that “the desire to socialize and meet the people who have been unable to see for months are enormous and that is why at certain times the guard is lowered, but it is those moments that can be a step backwards in all that is advanced ». “It is It is very important that we maintain physical distance and use the mask as long as possible. when we are with people with whom we do not live. We know that the desire to embrace each other and make up for lost time is enormous, but now we cannot afford a setback, “says Pérez Raya.

To avoid these new infections, both meeting guests and hosts should be aware of the need for everything to go smoothly and be alert at all times. First of all, from the Collegiate Organization they emphasize the importance of not holding any meeting if any of the guests or hosts have symptoms. In this case, they should contact the telephones enabled for this and inform the health authorities so that they can evaluate the possibility of carrying out the test.

Short visits in ventilated places

Before arrival, the organizers of the celebration must think how many people can be at the table, keeping the safety distances and remembering that non-cohabitants must be at 1.5 meters away from each other. “It is always preferable that meetings be held outdoors or in ventilated places continue and if you can minimize time as much as possible to reduce possible exposure to the virus. That is to say, if we meet someone to eat, not to extend the after-dinner table much or if, for example, we are going to visit a relative, not to be all day in the same house », explains the president of the nurses.

Once you reach the home or place of the meeting is when you have to have all five senses alert and greet without hugs or kisses, as well as wash hands when entering with hydroalcoholic gel or soap and water if possible. In this sense, nurses strongly demand that the mask and the distance whenever possible, removing it and keeping it in a paper envelope or individual cloth bag when food is to be consumed or when it is essential.

When setting the table, there will be only one person in charge and they will always do it by previously doing good hand hygiene. In addition, the dishes must be served individually and a person in charge of distributing the water or food will be assigned to do not share the cutlery serving. “It is essential to prevent the fluids from the attendees from mixing in shared dishes or drinking from the same glasses. So we can use items like a napkin to pick up certain things, but always avoiding contact with common objects like the containers of the oil, the salt, the vinegar or the jug of the water “, points out Florentino Pérez Raya.

At some point, guests may also need to use the service. In this sense, nurses ask that good hand hygiene be performed before and after using it, as well as taking extreme precautions for cleaning and avoiding contact with surfaces as much as possible.

In the CGE infographic the importance of not sharing anything between diners is clearly stated, identify the glasses if necessary for children or the elderly and remove the dishes when finishing with a mask a single person or each his own. Finally, they recall the need to put the mask throughout the desktop. “It is true that it can be uncomfortable, but currently, scientific evidence has shown that the use of a mask and physical distance are the key points to prevent infection,” concludes the president of the General Council of Nursing.