Kevin Costner: estranged wife reveals luxury lifestyle in court |

Kevin Costner: estranged wife reveals luxury lifestyle in court |

Hollywood star Kevin Costner is worth millions, but only wants to pay little maintenance to his estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner. Now she described the luxury in which he revels.

The two-day hearing on the alimony dispute between Kevin Costner (68) and his wife Christine Baumgartner (49) has begun. The designer, who surprisingly split from the Hollywood actor in May after 18 years of marriage, is fighting in a Santa Barbara court for an increase in alimony. She detailed the massive sums the actor has spent on his lavish lifestyle over the past few years, including tons of snow delivered at Christmas and lavish camping birthday parties for the kids. On average, it should have been eleven million US dollars, the equivalent of more than ten million euros, a year, she said, “Daily Mail” an.

Kevin Costner’s ex Christine Baumgartner is demanding higher child support

Both appeared in court for the hearing. While the star mostly scowled at the trial, Christine, who introduced herself as Christine Costner during interrogation, broke down in tears at times — especially at moments when the 150,000-acre ranch in Aspen was at stake. The 49-year-old also revealed that she would need higher upkeep for a new home because her current home is not of the same standard as the $175 million beach house in Carpinteria, California where they previously lived.

After the divorce: Now he has to say goodbye to his series

After the divorce: Now Kevin Costner has to say goodbye to his series © © Amanda Edwards/WireImage; Promipool

Christine Baumgartner describes the star’s lavish lifestyle

According to the descriptions, your current house is on the other side of the mountains. It has no view and no access to the beach. It doesn’t offer a “comparable lifestyle,” according to Christine Baumgartner. To describe her luxury lifestyle to date, the mother of three opened up about her many sporting outings, which include full fishing and scuba gear and plenty of surfboards. With the upkeep of the Aspen ranch, that would add up to more than $1.4 million a month, her attorney, John Ridel, said.

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When he testified two weeks ago, Kevin Costner put his monthly living expenses at $240,000. But he doesn’t want to pay his ex more than $60,000 a month. Christine is asking for a total of $175,000 for herself and the children.

Illuminated toboggan runs, snow delivered: Kevin Costner apparently spared no expense

Christine’s attorney, John Ridel, also detailed the family’s lavish lifestyle in Aspen, Colorado. He listed that the ranch has toboggan runs that are lit up at night and music plays through the trees, as well as several canoes and fishing lakes.

Christine Baumgartner went on to say that an extra 40 tons of snow were transported for a Christmas party – not to Aspen, but to a ten-acre property near her main home in California.

But that’s not all: The mother of Cayden (15), Hayes (14) and Grace (12) described how they “rented all the animals from the stable in Bethlehem for the children to ride, also planted a pine forest and had toboggan runs built”. .

Christine said the property is also used for birthday camping events, where they set up 40 tents for her son Cayden and his friends and rented taco trucks to provide food.

She also commented on her trips to Hawaii with Josh Connor, a good friend of her husband: he was a “family friend”. Josh also helped her financially when Kevin suddenly failed to pay after the breakup.

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