Kendji Girac – He reveals his friendship with an American star


French singer Kendji Girac maintains close ties with Eva Longoria. They have known each other since 2014.

It is a rather unusual confidence that Kendji Girac delivered to the online media Brut. In a video of just over four minutes, the 25-year-old French singer, revealed by “The Voice” in 2014, spoke of his friendship with the American star Eva Longoria, 46 years old.

“She’s not my best friend because I don’t see her often enough, but she’s a good friend, yes,” said Kendji, a recent happy father of a little girl. He then said he first met the ‘Desperate Housewives’ star in 2014. “It was early in my career. I had done galas for her. And one day I sang the song “Bella” to her, but I replaced “Bella” with “Eva”. She loved it. ” Following this evening, the two artists remained in contact. “I went to see her in Los Angeles. She sends me small gifts. She sends me messages from time to time. ” And to conclude: “Eva is a good person. She is very, very nice. “

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