Kelag doubles gas price and terminates 7,000 natural gas customers

Private households and smaller commercial customers will in future pay 9.87 cents net per kilowatt hour.

In November, the Carinthian energy supplier Kelag raised the natural gas consumption price for private and small commercial customers to 9.87 cents net per kilowatt hour. The approximately 7,000 Carinthian natural gas customers will be informed about the upcoming notice of change in the next few weeks. The new price roughly means a doubling of the previous tariffs. Kelag referred to increased wholesale prices and the upheavals on the international energy markets.

For a detached house with an annual consumption of 15,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of natural gas, this means additional monthly costs of 82 to 92 euros including taxes, depending on the previous tariff, Kelag calculates in its broadcast. A price guarantee applies until April 30, 2023. From the point of view of the energy supplier, the new prices are competitive. Other providers are already at this level.

Larger commercial customers and industrial companies have individual contracts, designed according to the respective requirements, it said on request. General statements about prices are not possible here, they are often based directly on wholesale prices, which have already brought corresponding increases.

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