Coronavirus, even the virologist Ilaria Capua takes the field to defend the distances. «Good morning. CoV 19 is a virus that is endemicizing into a new species: Homo Sapiens. It expands thanks to unprotected encounters that is, without a mask, hygiene and distance. The second wave would hit the most fragile. Let’s keep them out of intensive care. Using the brain», The virologist’s tweet, responsible in the USA of the One Health Center of Excellence of the University of Florida.

Bocelli after the denialist conference: «On the coronavirus I was misunderstood»

Virus, alarm in Pozzuoli: five new positives. The mayor: «Let’s not let our guard down»

Fedez against Salvini: «Isn’t Covid there? Here is an 18 year old who underwent lung transplantation »

Last updated: 29 July, 11:12


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