Keba Annual Review: Successful with vision

© Caution As a business area, Energy Automation has grown the most in percentage terms.

In the financial year from April 2021 to March 2022, the Keba Group from Linz increased its sales from EUR 415.4 million to EUR 537.7 million, CEO Gerhard Luftensteiner announced at the annual press conference. According to this, the automation specialist once again achieved the highest turnover in the company’s history with a jump in turnover of around 122 million euros and an increase in turnover of almost 30 percent. Average annual growth over the last five years is 22.7 percent. The international share of business remains high at around 90 percent. Around 67 percent were delivered to the EU (excluding Austria) and around 13 percent to Asia. Expenditure on R&D amounted to around 70 million euros last year and is therefore traditionally high.

International and national extensions

Based on full-time employment, the number of employees at the end of the financial year was 1,963. Around half are employed in Austria, a third in Germany and around 200 employees in Asia. In addition, the technology company currently employs around 180 leasing staff to cover peak loads. The working time models offered range from remote, home office and workplaces in the office and are kept as open and flexible as possible, depending on the team requirements, as Luftensteiner reports. Keba has also had a branch in Great Britain since the beginning of the year and took over the start-up software company drag and bot in Stuttgart at the end of 2021. In addition, there was an expansion of production capacities and office space in Linz.



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