Kaufland trick brings voucher – customer reports about “real treasures”

Kaufland trick brings voucher – customer reports about “real treasures”

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Walk through the supermarket with a keen eye: This not only avoids trouble, but also achieves even more at Kaufland thanks to a little-known trick.

Munich – Many a supermarket customer gets angry when putting away their purchases at home: if you don’t look closely, an expired product can quickly end up in the basket – which is only noticed long after paying or after the journey home. Even if some foods may be edible beyond the best-before date (MHD) and beer, for example, usually lasts longer: Others are simply ripe for the dustbin. And you don’t want to go the long way to complain about the annoyance.

Kaufland rewards finding an expired product with 2.50 euros

In this respect, paying close attention alone is worthwhile in order to avoid unwanted surprises or, in the worst case, even losing money. But what only very few people know: You can actually save money if you pay attention. Because Kaufland promises all customers who pull an expired product from the shelf a shopping voucher worth 2.50 euros. On the Kaufland homepage it says: “Freshness is a matter of course for us. Therefore, you will receive a 2.50 euro shopping voucher from us if you discover items with us that have expired.”

TikTok user Kirafin also reported on the Kaufland trick

TikTok user Kirafin also reported on the Kaufland trick. © Screenshot Kirafin

So the next time you discover a product at Kaufland with a past best-before date, you shouldn’t leave it on the shelf with a wrinkled nose. Instead, carry it to the information counter. And walk away with a voucher. Some people know about this trick, one or the other medium like BW24 reports about it. It says there that TikTok user Kirafin is even specifically looking and gives tips: “Of course, a good trick is to always look at the back,” he says. According to one user, the freezers are also a good place to go. “There are real treasures hidden there.”

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Many know the Kaufland promise, others probably don’t: “Huh, how crass”, it says in the comments. “No matter how much you find at Kaufland, we only have one voucher a day,” warns a user who may work there, under another TikTok video. Others report that they got nothing in such a case – do some employees not even know anything about the campaign? Or at least don’t grant the voucher to “professionals”?

Kaufland voucher for expired products: the campaign bears fruit

Because the Kaufland trick also drives unpleasant flowers, as a Twitter user reports. According to his own statements – of course this cannot be verified – he worked for Kaufland for a long time. “I used to work for 8 years at Kaufland in Neckarsulm as a branch manager, so I can tell stories from customers about what the store detectives told me. There are people who do the same round through the market every day (!) and take items from shelves to put them somewhere else, mostly perishable goods, and then hand them in at the information desk after the best-before date to collect a voucher. Employees usually go ‘after’ to put everything back properly.” That is not uncommon. Others should therefore even – for whatever reason – “deliberately place on the waste heat slots of the freezers so that the goods have to be destroyed for hygiene reasons”.

Kaufland promises a voucher even if the waiting time is too long

To ensure that Kaufland’s “promise of freshness”, which is interesting in itself, continues to exist, customers should not overdo it. A bit of attention and – if you find something like this – going to the information desk can definitely be worth it. By the way, there are other unpleasant experiences that Kaufland wants to make up for with a 2.50 euro voucher according to the website: Anyone who waits longer than five minutes at the checkout or at the fresh food counter can also get one. Does that mean you have to take a stopwatch with you to the supermarket? A net customer found a very unusual best-before date. (lin)

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