Kaufland notice causes excitement: “To the people who don't have too much money”

Kaufland notice causes excitement: “To the people who don't have too much money”

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In a Kaufland branch, a customer found a tempting offer for tobacco. However, the network doubts the legality of the notice.

Munich – Some things remain timeless. Because even if the content of this supermarket story is a bit old, that changes little or nothing about the bizarre Kaufland notice that caused some excitement on the net.

Kaufland notice causes heated discussions: “To the people who don’t have too much money”

After all, the usual weekly shopping is not always one of the highlights. Many describe the rushing through the corridors more as an impertinence than as a regenerative oasis of well-being. A visit to the supermarket is more of a boring routine than a regenerative compensation program after a stressful day.

However, there are always exceptions and surprises that can ensure that a trip to supermarkets and discounters can not only provide variety, but also amusement. After all, at Aldi, Rewe, Lidl, Edeka or Kaufland you can discover all sorts of curiosities such as wrongly labeled goods, price errors or meat that has a face that is good for a frown or a smile.

Kaufland notice stirs up spirits: “To the people who don’t have too much money”

While a Kaufland customer was “served” when she saw an egg roll, a Kaufland customer had already made an original discovery of a different kind at the beginning of the year. Namely on an “I’m offering/I’m looking for” note on the pin board, which can usually be found near the entrance or the cash desk.

In a Kaufland branch, someone has made a tempting tobacco offer.

In a Kaufland branch, someone has made a tempting tobacco offer. © Twitter.com/Screenshot

There, a piece of paper particularly aroused the interest of the Kaufland customer, which was “addressed to people who don’t have too much money” (pensioners, Hartz IV recipients). Above it was written: “I offer … tobacco.” Was that why the Kaufland customer pricked up his ears? In the end, one can only speculate as to whether the Kaufland note caught his eye because of the “tempting” offer.

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Kaufland offer arouses tempers: Tobacco offer “without tar and chemicals”

The offer from the unknown patron caused similar irritation as the Jägerschnitzel with potato rösti from an Edeka customer. The Kaufland notice, on the other hand, contained not just any herb, but “natural tobacco from natural tobacco leaves without tar and without chemicals.” The only thing missing on the Kaufland notice was the “organic” label. The discoverer of the note had to make an effort to be able to decipher the writing.

The note-writer entered “HBS” at the location, which could be a reference to Halberstadt. At least the abbreviation HBS is on the number plates of cars from Halberstadt. No further information can be found on the note that was shared on Twitter. It is also not clear whether the tobacco offered at Kaufland is being given away or sold.

Tobacco offer at Kaufland triggers discussion on the net: “Don’t build an empire”

There were discussions online about the offer. “I wish the provider that no one ratted him out at the tax office … even if ‘without tar and chemicals’ um, well … just doesn’t work,” one user doubts the legality. “But he or she will probably not build an empire with it,” she adds. Another user hits the same note: “And stated so publicly, okay,” she writes. She wonders if taxes are not to be paid on it.

Another is unsure about selling privately grown tobacco, but then improves. “There is nothing about ‘sell’.” Months later, it is still unclear whether the man really accepted the offer on the Kaufland notice or whether someone else responded to the notice. The situation is similar with the bizarre Kaufland notice, where a “discreet” man is looking for “cuddly mouse with a small OW”.

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