Kaufland customer buys pepper, to which even the supermarket reacts smugly: “You've probably made a mistake”

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A customer caught a strange pepper glass at Kaufland.

A customer caught a strange pepper glass at Kaufland. ©

A customer was at a loss after buying a pepper glass from Kaufland. The supermarket responded to his complaint with humor.

Lübeck – When you buy something in the supermarket, you expect the quality to be good for the money. This applies above all to fresh goods such as meat, fruit or vegetables, but also to all other products. A customer can sing a song about it. She had to throw away four salads just one day after shopping at Kaufland.

Kaufland customer complains about a strange pepper glass

It’s annoying that food has gone bad, but it happens in the best supermarket. Of course, it is particularly annoying when you only notice the flaw at home. Since one is not spared the aisle back. A customer has now bought a defective product from Kaufland. He didn’t notice it in the supermarket, otherwise his complaint wouldn’t have ended up on Kaufland’s Facebook page.

There he posted several photos of peppercorns in a jar. He did without text, he only provided his contribution with laughing emojis. He let pictures do the talking, and they make it clear where the mistake lies. You can see the jar with peppercorns. Next to it is a photo showing the open lid. You can see small holes. The third picture shows someone holding the pepper jar upside down.

Kaufland reacts humorously to the pepper complaint: “We assume that you miss the mill”

Kaufland responded to the post – and quite humorously. “Hello Paul, you seem to have bought a pair of peppercorns. We’re assuming you’re missing the mill,” wrote a social media worker. Then follows a sentence that should have caused astonishment. “We also have this product with a grinder in our range. You must have made a mistake,” it continues.

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Why Kaufland sells unground peppercorns in shakers remains the supermarket’s secret. Apparently you don’t want to change anything about it. Weeks earlier, another customer had complained to Kaufland about the pepper. In this case, at any rate, the employee offered the customer to send a direct message in order to forward the matter to customer management. Kaufland did not respond to a complaint about radishes wrapped in foil. (mt)

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