Katya Gorina broke the rules of the project to seduce Kirill Arkhipov

Ekaterina Gorina set a bad example for the participants of House 2, who are confident that they can communicate through the fence and meet the conditions set by the hosts of the reality show. On the night air house 2 10/17/2022 Katya Gorina violated the rules of the project to seduce Kirill Arkhipov. The girl claims she dug under the fence and climbed into the tunnel, after which she arrived on the male half of the set and called the newcomer on a date.

For a few minutes, Katya turned into Anya Samonina, began to talk about ingenuity and repeat purposefully, waving her arms coquettishly. A good attempt to look easy and win Cyril’s sympathy. And then what?

Other participants of the reality show also like Arkhipov, but they acted honestly and respected themselves not to crawl under fences.

According to the viewers of Dom 2, Gorina fulfilled the task of the editors of the project, because she was prompted to break the rules by Christina Bukhynbalte, whom the reality TV employees call her friends, trying to distinguish herself above the other participants. the television set. Chris explained to Katya how to cheat, because the presenters said that you can’t jump over the fence, but digging was out of the question. Although, Gorina could have wanted the foam that the guys drank, for which she grabbed a shovel.

It seems that Gorina was the first to start running after Arkhipov, with whom she now receives the best travel dates and is booked on air. Again, Katerina has profit and hype in the first place? Fiction again?

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