Karina Iavícoli faced Emily Lucius face to face: “You look like the Cinderella who got off the carriage”

Karina Iavícoli crossed Emily Lucius in Show Partners and accused her of play Cinderella After having shown herself as the villain of The Hotel of the Famous.

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influence her he explained that “when I left the hotel, I was at Disney. As it was my first time on TV, I started to watch all the episodes. It was an emotion. I liked. It was fun. Then I turned on the TV, I started to see Instagram, and I couldn’t believe it…”.

“You said ‘what did I do'”, he wanted to knowr the panelist.

Paula Varela He joined in delimiting that “what you saw, which is what the production edited, you liked. What you did not like is the reception of the people…”.

“The theme of the edition, I think it’s great. It is the production and the story that they want to show. They record you 24 hours and it comes out an hour and a quarter per day. They created a character for me…”, he explained. Emily.

Iavicoli he crossed it because “you created that. You created the character. You are not an actress, as far as I know.

“I am an actress. I graduated from the Cinematographic Research Center”, he clarified. influence her.

Karina immediately asked Lucius if “then, you were acting”

“It is a TV show…”; he left her itching Emily.


The panelist later admitted in a second crossover with the influencer that “I don’t quite understand what you did in the hotel…”.

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“We made jokes to everyone, it wasn’t all against Locho. Yes, perhaps, we all nominated him. But it was in a gaming context… A Walter Queijeiro once I threw flour at him and he reacted badly. So, I apologized a thousand times. And he took them from me… With Locho I also apologized…”, he listed their tricks Lucius.

Karina Iavícoli questioned Emily Lucius for The Hotel of the Famous

Karina questioned that “you put mud in the shampoo, salt in Silvina Luna’s water. Knowing that she is hypertensive. Because I see you and you look like Cinderella, she got off the float, and she’s all good, peaceful, like nothing happened. But how can it be that people, who see everything, have so much fury outside?

“I ask myself the question every day. Because I am like that. The kettle to which we put salt was not the kettle of Silvana Luna. You don’t fuck with your health “, closed Emily.



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