Karim Benzema on vacation: “A best of what you should no longer do!”


The bling-bling video posted by the Blues striker has angered climate change activists.

In his video, we see Karim Benzema driving a sports car, jet-skiing and posing in front of a private jet. Climate change activists are taken aback.

Twitter screenshot

Karim Benzema is having a good vacation in Florida and let it be known, through a short video posted on July 2 on Instagram. We can see the striker of the France team enjoying a life with a hint of bling-bling which has provoked many reactions on social networks.

In the images, we can see the star of the Blues moving around in a sports car, posing in front of a private jet or driving a jet-ski. “Everything you need to fuck the planet in two minutes of videos. Hats off to the artist!”, comment on internet users.

Thomas Wagner, founder of the militant media Bon Pote and very active in environmental matters, sums up Karim Benzema’s video: “This clip is a best of what should no longer be done”, comments he at Franceinfo.

And to continue: “The simple round trip between Miami and Madrid in a private jet is much more than what a person should emit per year to limit global warming”, he says.

Thomas Wagner recalls, in passing, that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently explained how “influencers” can play a decisive role in the fight against climate change. Missed, for Benzema since a simple commercial flight, round trip Paris-Miami emits 1.3 tons of CO₂ per person, in one go. That’s almost all of what a person should burn per year, experts say…

Suffice to say that with his private jet, his cars and his jet-ski, Karim Benzema is far from the mark.

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