Karandin about Michkov’s injury: “Emelin deliberately attacked with his knee. The silence of the league and the chief referee is shocking. In the NHL, Crosby and the McDavids blow off the dust particles ”- Ice Hockey

Yuri Karandin believes that Alexey Emelin attacked Matvey Michkov against the rules.

– To be honest, I was outraged by the refereeing of the match between the Russian U25 team and Dynamo Minsk at the tournament in Sochi. And shocked and arbitrage, and post-match reaction. I deliberately took a break of a day and a half, I thought that there would be a scandal and severe punishment – but, alas, silence. Sadly!

– Yuri Pavlovich, are you talking about the Michkov-Emelin episode?

– Quite right. For some reason, many say that there was supposedly a pure power reception, but this is not so. The replay on TV from one camera is not very informative, but you can look at the photos – Emelin put out his knee and actually deliberately attacked with it. The boy was walking with the puck, on two legs, going to the right – and in the oncoming traffic, a simple knee-to-knee contact was enough to guarantee an injury. 100% removal!

– Some experts said that this is how Emelin “invited” Michkov to adult hockey …

– Comments of amateurs, as well as people who are looking for work and are on the backup dancers with the judicial leadership, need to be removed. In hockey, the rules are the same in all leagues – there is no youth hockey, youth or adult. So such statements are just juggling with words and blurring the topic!

I am most surprised that we do not see official comments. A scandalous episode that led to the injury of the most talented hockey player of the new generation. Moreover, for Emelin, such a technique is far from the first, he put them on a regular basis. Therefore, the silence of the chief referee and the league just shocks me.

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– What to do?

– Let’s take an example from the current NHL, where dust is blown off Canadian stars – from Crosby and the McDavids. At one time, they did the same with Wayne Gretzky – any contact with him was punished by the NHL referees to the maximum, they told me about it themselves. Which is logical: Canada knows how to value and protect its stars.

Today in Russia every talent is worth its weight in gold, let’s take care of everyone. And we have some kind of anarchy in arbitration. With the current level of refereeing of our most talented juniors, we simply will not bring it to adult hockey,” said the former Soviet referee.

The main Russian talent was powerfully taken out by power at the summer tournament. Michkov did not finish the match and went to the MRI



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