Kanye West, 43, is making headlines almost every day. For once, one of his latest claims does not refer to the machinations of the Kardashian clan, but the mysterious death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson († 50).

Kanye knows more: Michael Jackson’s death was not an accident

Michael Jackson’s death shocked the whole world in 2009. The cause of death was one poisoning called propofol by the anesthetic. Then his personal physician Conrad Murray accused of negligent homicide. The judge finally sentenced Murray to four years in prison. However, the doctor was released early after two years due to good management.

Rapper Kanye West now claimed via Twitter that there was a completely different person behind the tragic fate of the world star. MJ told you about Tommybefore they murdered him “, wrote Kim Kardashian’s husband in a tweet that has since been deleted.

By this the “Flashing Lights” interpreter meant the former chairman of the music label Sony, Tommy Mottola. The 71-year-old is still working as a music manager, producer and author. He was even from 1993 to 1998 With Mariah Carey married.

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Did Tommy Mottola have the King of Pop killed?

Michael publicly rushed against Mottola in the early 2000s. He even referred to the music boss as “devilish” and “racist”as reported by “Mirror”. The singer is said to have shot against the label for years and tried to terminate his contract with it prematurely.

This was followed by a statement claiming Sony would have Millions of dollars lost because of Michael. Because: Apparently, the pop star subsequently refused to go on concert tour for his album “Invincible”.

Kanye’s tweet made the rumor mill boil again. Nevertheless, there is no evidence that Tommy Mottola actually has anything to do with the unexpected death of the “thriller” artist.