An open exchange of blows in Inglewood, a stumbling quarterback in Kansas City and the still perfect Cardinals. The most important thing from late NFL Sunday.

Doesn’t currently have an answer for everything: Patrick Mahomes.
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What’s wrong with Mahomes? Bills roll over the chiefs

The man who has almost always had an answer to everything so far does not currently have enough answers. In the Sunday night game of the fifth NFL game day, Patrick Mahomes made two interceptions and a fumble at 20:38 of his chiefs against the Buffalo Bills. The superstar quarterback is currently stumbling like the entire team, which has now suffered the third bankruptcy.

On the opposite side stood Josh Allen in a great mood, who led Buffalo with 374 total yards and four touchdowns (3 pass, 1 run) to an important victory in the last two-time Super Bowl participant. The Bills, now with a 4: 1 balance and already clearly on course for division victory, had a lot of space and, above all, a lot of fun against a holey secondary of the Chiefs. Alone tight end Dawson Know came with only three receptions on 117 yards and one touchdown.

Cardinals flawless – Mixed Lance debut with the Niners

Because Jimmy Garoppolo was out injured, first round pick Trey Lance was allowed to start in the NFL for the first time. The young quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, however, afforded an interception. The unbeaten Cardinals took a 10-0 lead, but found few answers on the offensive despite Kyler Murray playing in MVP form.

Alone: ​​The Niners could hardly capitalize on a strong defense. The athletic Lance occasionally ran first downs himself, but in the passing game it failed. More than a touchdown from Deebo Samuel and a field goal were not possible, for Arizona DeAndre Hopkins got the decisive touchdown for a 17:10 victory. The Cardinals remain undefeated.

Open visor in Q4: Chargers win 47:42!

In Los Angeles, the Cleveland Browns were on the road to victory before and after the break, led after a 52-yard touchdown run by Nick Chubb with 27:13 and ended up losing out. In a spectacular final phase it went back and forth, and the Chargers had another strong quarterback in their ranks. Justin Herbert had already cheered a 72-yard touchdown pass to Mike Williams in half one, and the same duo went one better in section two – this time for “only” 42 yards and the next touchdown.

First it was 28:27 for the Chargers in Q4, then 35:28 for the Browns, then 35:35, then 42:35 for the Browns, then Chargers-Kicker awarded the extra point at 41:42 – yes after Cleveland’s following punt, Austin Ekeler ran into the end zone for a 47:42 victory. Los Angeles improved their record to 4-1, Cleveland is 3-2.

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