“It’s my responsibility and I have to improve”said Mahomes at the press conference after the recent loss to the Buffalo Bills (20:38). “I’m a crazy player, I’m still trying to get something out of it. But I haven’t had that many turnover yet.”

Reid urges caution

The Chiefs offensive fireworks – it just misfired. This is also due to the fact that the opponents often no longer try to stop Mahomes completely. Rather, they invite him to make mistakes. The Bills defense, for example, recently played passively, often putting two low positions Safeties and largely did without lightning – that is, to exert pressure on the quarterback with five or more players. Mahomes had to limit himself to the short passing game – only his throws lacked the accuracy for it.

Too often this season he tries to throw the risky pass. Sometimes that takes revenge. “You mustn’t fall into the trap of wanting too much on every move”said Head Coach Andy Reid at the press conference after the Bills game. Because the Chiefs’ offensive succeeds in moving the ball.

On average, she collects 45.5 Yards per series of attacks, just over half of these so-called Drives bring in points, both league highs. However: Almost 22 percent of drives end with one Turnover, i.e. a loss of the ball combined with the surrender of the right to attack. It is by far the highest value in the league.

Key players make mistakes

Mahomes is not to blame for this alone. Running Back Clyde Edwards-Helaire already booked two Fumbles, Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill dropped two balls against the Bills Drop led to the enemy Pick-Six. So far, you can’t rely on the defensive either. So far, it allowed the most yards per play and the most points of all 32 NFL teams. At the same time created the Defense only four turnovers.

“We beat ourselves. Simple mistakes, coordination problems in cover, bad tackling”, criticized Star-Safety Tyrant Mathieu at the press conference. “That is embarrassing.”

Giving up is not

The tenor after the game was still clear – the Chiefs don’t want to give up so quickly. Giving up is not an option. And Mahomes certainly doesn’t play like Mahomes yet, but recently he uttered a sentence that should give hope to the Chiefs’ supporters. Mahomes said: “If I’m on a losing streak right now, hopefully I’ll have a lucky streak towards the end of the season.”

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