Kaneda meets Furi in “Gripper”, the cybernetic motorcycle bossrush

Developer Heart Core LTD is pleased to announce that its action game Gripperwill soon be available on PC et Switch. From a development team that includes Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Rainbow Six Siege to its credits, Gripper is a story-driven action game on wheels, with dark and furious music tracks, an emotionally charged narration and an explosive cyberpunk setting that is sure to delight gamers.

In Gripper, players embody None, a cyberbiker stuck in a collapsing world. Long separated from his parents, None returns to their lives and is forced to save the world from the AI ​​known as Zero. To do so, he must race through post-apocalyptic landscapes connected by treacherous tunnels, explore dead lands with the help of his mechanized cat friend Cat-Kit, and ultimately defeat relentless bosses by ripping out their hearts.

Gripper’s game loop consists of three phases : the main hub, the tunnels and the boss fights. the hub main is where players can upgrade and customize their motorcycles, install consumables for the upcoming battle, and most importantly, talk to Cat-Kit, the lovable sidekick. The tunnels offer driving and gliding actions on catchy synthetic rhythms. Finally, the boss fights depict colossal enemy mechs that symbolize the different stages of mourning. Each of them has a different weak point that requires a unique approach to survive. By learning the best strategies for each part of the game, players can help restore the world, defeat the great evil of Zero, and even stand a chance of saving their parents.

TitiksAssumed 30-something player and confirmed 2AM Father, fan of anything that can tell him a good story, inveterate jack-of-all-trades and devoted to the console universe since the MegaDrive of his youth, you will see me much more often connected at night fallen. Find me on Twitch @un_daron_dans_le_game and on Twitter.



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