kand. JR Slingerland takes appeal to Corsica

Student JR Slingerland was recently nominated by the Overseas Board of Directors. From the professions he received, that of Corsica could be assumed.

Slingerland was accepted as a student in 2018 at the Theological School of the NRC (that is, the municipalities in America and Canada). Since 2020 he was allowed to lead in the municipalities. A remarkable fact is that in all these years he has never been to the Canadian municipalities in connection with the corona measures.

Corsica has been vacant since July 2019, when Rev. EC Adams left for Picture Butte in Canada. He served this congregation for almost 14 years. Before that, Corisca had one pastor of its own: Rev. A. Vergunst served the congregation from 1954 to 1957.



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