Kalypso Media is stepping down as a publisher for “Kick-off 2022”

Last summer Kalypso Media and 2tainment launched the football manager “Kick-off 2022”. Due to differences, Kalypso is now leaving as a publisher.

the essentials in brief

  • “Kick-off 2022” was launched last summer with a Kickstarter campaign.
  • However, publisher Kalypso Media was dissatisfied with the development and is now exiting.
  • The rights and responsibility of the game are handed over to the developer 2tainment.

Football fans in the gaming scene were particularly happy last summer when a successor to “Kick 3” was announced. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, the development of the football manager game “Kick 2022” was launched. However, there are “professional differences” between developer and publisher – with consequences.

Kalypso Media gives “Kick 2022” to developers

During the development so far, there have been delays, which ultimately led to disputes, according to the “Pixel Magazin”. However, both parties involved do not want to comment on this further. In the end, however, it got to the point that publisher Kalypso Media left the project completely.

They are convinced «that 2tainment can deliver a more flexible result without our cooperation. That is why we have transferred the license rights for this game to 2tainment », says Kalypso boss Simon Hellwig. The managing director at 2tainment is meanwhile optimistic about the situation, they respect Kalypso’s decision.

Everyone who supported the project at Kickstarter will receive a free version of “Kick 3” on GOG as compensation. In the next few weeks, a beta for “Impulse 2022” is to start in order to advance its development.