The survival program of RTL 4 shows that dropouts are sailed back to their island every time in broad daylight, and that while the island council is always in the evening and in the dark. ‘Panic, panic! A pressing question from the viewers about Expeditie Robinson‘, Kay begins his explanation.

He continues: ‘Just for all the people who wonder how it is possible that the candidates who are voted out of the island council leave in the dark and only arrive the next morning when it is light again.’

Kaj explains that it all has to do with the candidates’ own safety: ‘Due to safety reasons, it is not allowed to sail in the dark during the filming of Expeditie Robinson. Nobody, no candidates and no crew. Only the captains and only in case of emergency.’

This precaution was also already in the previous seasons of the program. ‘This has always been the case. This was also after the island councils when I myself took part as a candidate in the Philippines.’

But where do the dropouts sleep? Kaj also reveals that: ‘As a candidate you sleep in a so-called ‘shelter’. And believe me, that is not a luxury place. This is literally a wooden construction with a semi-roof of tarpaulin. Just outside, in the same heat or cold, in the rain and surrounded by the same rotten mosquitoes. You don’t suddenly get a buffet there either. I’d rather sleep on my own island.’

As soon as it is light again, the candidates will be taken back to their island on the boat, the presenter finally says.

Expeditie Robinson see you every Thursday at 8.30 p.m. and every Sunday at 8 p.m. on RTL 4. The program can also be seen on Videoland.

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