Kader Loth sets tough corona rules for husband

Kader Loth (48) was hit hard by the corona virus last November. “The bad thing is that I don’t know whether I’ll be alive the day after tomorrow,” she told her fans with tears at the time. The reality TV star complained of stabbing lung pain, was given oxygen in a Berlin clinic and was monitored 24 hours a day. She got infected from her husband Ismet Atli. Since then, Loth has been careful not to get infected again with the virus. She has even set up rules for when her husband can give her a smack.

«Before he kisses me, he has to wash his mouth. He smokes, who knows where he has his hands, ”she explains in an interview with RTL. But that’s not all. Since the infection, the couple has also slept in separate beds. In addition, the “fight of the reality stars” participant pays particular attention to hygiene: “The things I buy are disinfected. All the packaging is thrown away, fruits and vegetables are washed and disinfected. The man doesn’t pay attention to that. “

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