A four-goal lead from the home game was not enough for the severely weakened Red Jackets in Leksand. The Swedes clearly won 8: 1 and advanced to the quarter-finals of the Champions Hockey League with a total score of 8: 5.

from Herwig Gressel | 9:20 p.m., November 23, 2021


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The KAC didn’t stand a chance in the second leg in Leksand © (c) GEPA pictures / Bildbyran / Daniel Eriksson

Everyone in the KAC camp knew in the run-up to the CHL round of 16 second leg in Leksand what was in store for the team. The redjackets’ motto was to avoid falling behind early. However, this goal was nullified after just 94 seconds. Because there had to Sebastian Dahm reaching behind you for the first time. The result of the early opening goal were rolling attacks by the traditional Swedish club, some of which could only be interrupted by the KAC with fouls.

In the ninth and 13th minute, Leksand came, each in numerical superiority, to two more hits. The advantage of the red-whites was melted after a few minutes of play from four to only one goal. Only after the third losing hit did the red jackets come out of their own zone, at least in phases, but they were not mandatory. The opponent seemed too overpowering that evening.

After the break, Coach’s team acted Petri Matikainen initially much more compact, managed to keep the spaces narrow for the opponent and did not allow as many shots to be shot. In the 33rd minute, however, the time had finally come. In the power play, the home team made it 4-0, the four-goal lead from the first leg was gone. Had the best chance for the KAC so far Manuel Ganahlwho, however, failed completely on his own against the Swedish goalie. When the Swedes struck again four minutes before the end, it was the fourth hit in the game, they were in the front for the first time in this round of 16 and were well on their way to the quarter-finals.

In the 47th minute the KAC had hope again when Lukas Haudum scored the first goal, but only three minutes later it was 6-1 for Leksand. Thomas Koch and Co. left two power play chances unused in the final phase and thus gave away the last chance to equalize in the overall score. Two more hits from the Swedes to 8: 1 final result fixed the CHL out of the red jackets.

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