Ownership changes, and the hierarchies of international football change. With the acquisition of the Newcastle, by the Saudi prince bin Salman, the English club potentially becomes one of the top European clubs, with an economic availability on the market that is the envy of Paris Saint Germain. A cyclone, which is about to hit international football and which risks upsetting every balance. Especially that of the most fragile teams, from an economic point of view, due to the pandemic crisis.

JUVE – Among these there is certainly Juventus, which as it is known is experiencing a period of economic difficulty. The Juventus management will have to make sacrifices, get rid of redundancies and replenish the coffers through sales. Despite this, it is entirely determined to keep those players who represent the foundations of the project in the squad. If the Saudi prince were to knock on the door with an off-market offer, however, it would become difficult to say no. According to what he wrote this morning Tuttosport, indeed, both Chiesa and de Ligt may soon be in the sights of Newcastle. Even if Juventus were to hold out and refuse offers, it would still become difficult to keep players who would have the prospect of earning much more than they perceive in Turin, as well as going to play in Premier League. Finally, there is also the question Ramsey. The Saudi Newcastle could make him one of the first signings of the new cycle, as early as January. If so, in this case, Juventus would certainly not raise the barricades to hold him back.

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