Juve sentences: Arrivabene and Agnelli ready to appeal to the Tar

Juve sentences: Arrivabene and Agnelli ready to appeal to the Tar

of 09 May 2023 at 10:00 The Coni Guarantee College has long expressed its opinion on the -15 inflicted on Juventus and on the injunctive positions inflicted on its former top management which have been fully confirmed, but the reasons published on the day of yesterday they left some openings and some footholds for a new appeal, this time straddling from sports justice to ordinary justice, if not for the club at least for some managers. ARRIVABENE AT THE TAR – One above all is the former managing director Maurizio Arrivabene who was banned for 2 years, but without specifying why he was sanctioned for violations committed when he was not part of the Juventus management. Everything charged by sports justice to Juventus was committed before 1 July 2021, and Arrivabene joined Juventus after that date. In fact, this is the reason that is pushing the CEO towards the appeal to the Tar and which could even lead him, according to Tuttosport, to a request for substantial compensation for the economic, professional and image damages suffered for this sentence. ALSO AGNELLI TRYING – Furthermore, it cannot be excluded that Andrea Agnelli also goes to the TAR. With a different position compared to Arrivabene, given that he was then president and member of the board with powers of signature and powers of attorney. The goal of the former Juventus number one could be to reiterate some of the points of the appeal prepared for the College also before the TAR.

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