Juve, Allegri: 'Bremer out with Sevilla.  New penalty?  We now have armor.  About Vlahovic and Di Maria…'

Juve, Allegri: 'Bremer out with Sevilla. New penalty? We now have armor. About Vlahovic and Di Maria…'

of 10 May 2023 at 17:24 Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus coach, speaks in a press conference on the eve of the match against Sevilla, the first leg of the Europa League semi-finals scheduled for tomorrow evening at 21 at the Allianz Stadium in Turin and visible on live TV on DAZN, Sky Sport Uno (201 satellite), Sky Sport 4K (213 satellite), Sky Sport (252 satellite), Raiuno; and streaming on DAZN, Sky Go, NOW. SEVILLE – “Europa League semi-final, against a team that has won the EL 4 times and the UEFA Cup twice, they’re an experienced and used team. They never leave the match. Tomorrow night we’ll need a good game, like in the second leg In the meantime, let’s think about tomorrow evening”. PENALTY – “I don’t know what’s going to happen. We have such an armor that nothing moves us anymore. All year round one day is black, yellow, red, everyone talks and everyone knows everything. We emerge from this experience fortified. We have these matches of the Europa League, and the other four in the league. On the field, as always said, we must do our best, we must try to reach the final of the Europa League. The next step. And since we have earned second place on the field, we must keep it And there is work to be done. At the end of the year, when we did this we did ours”. CHOICES – “The whole team is fine, good training yesterday, my legs are turning well. It will be difficult for me too in choosing. Even on Sunday, whoever entered twenty minutes or fifteen minutes helped his teammates. Vlahovic did goals, there are those who have made themselves available. Tomorrow it will be the same for those who take the field. But whoever comes on the bench will be important, they can change the game. One can play 60-70 minutes, another 30, the important thing is that they are decisive”. TRIDENT – “Bergamo’s attitude is needed, with Lecce, in Bologna. Knowing we are facing a team that has won a lot, we need respect”. VLAHOVIC – “I haven’t talked to him. I understand that it’s not easy for kids to be insulted with forms of racism, but it would be better to ignore, have the strength, and let the right ones be punished”. DEFENSE – “It will be a difficult match to defend with 3 players, we would concede goals. We have to defend with 10, even with 11. We have to strike knowing their strengths, we need to make the most of their weaknesses. Difficult, complicated match, because it’s a semi-final” . DI MARIA-“He already knows what he has to do, in quick matches, where results and performance are needed, he’s always been there. His career speaks for itself”. MILIK-“He didn’t surprise me, we knew him. Temperamentally he surprised me positively, he’s extraordinary, balanced. He has given a lot and will still be able to give a lot to Juve. Happy with what he did. Excellent purchase”. WHO DOESN’T PLAY – “Bremer doesn’t play, he had a fatigue. I don’t remember the muscle, it’s an upper thigh muscle. It won’t be there, but it’s nothing special. The others are all fine. Yesterday it was a pleasure to see the “training, the same this morning. We need to face the match with enthusiasm and desire. It would be a good goal to play in the final in Budapest. One little step at a time”. EUROPEAN TEAMS – “Sevilla’s tradition? It’s hard to explain, it’s just like that. Let’s not forget that Juve have played in two finals in the last 7 years, one quarter, eliminated twice in the round of 16 between the final and overtime. This year one another semi-final. Now maybe we’ll reach the final and maybe win. It won’t be easy, Sevilla are very strong.” THE ITALIANS – “We all want to reach the final, I think that in the difficulties of this year the team has behaved well, professionally and morally. It wasn’t easy. There are 20 days left, the most important. They will decide if they will reach the final. If we won’t get there, the others will have been better. Let’s try to sort out the last four games in the best possible way”.

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