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Despite the huge number of programs that we can install on our PC, one of the most common that we find on most PCs is Microsoft Excel. We are talking about an application that is part of Office and that is enormously useful for both home users and companies.

The truth is that, to get the most out of an application like this, it is advisable to have in-depth knowledge of it. Bearing in mind that we are referring to a program focused on working with numeric data through formulasThis is not a simple task at all. In fact, a good number of users who are faced with the Excel interface for the first time don’t even know where to start. For many, a desk made up of a huge number of independent cells is somewhat complex.

That’s not to mention that moment where we take a look at all the customizable formulas that we can use here. Keep in mind that these serve both to perform basic calculation operations, as if to raise some more related even to the programming are complex assumptions. Obviously this is something that is especially evident in those who are starting with the application. But then we are going to give you a solution that many of you will surely appreciate.

Actually, we are referring to a web application focused on making it easy for us to use these formulas in Microsoft Excel. In fact, here we will have the possibility to write what we want to do so that the application generates the formula itself.

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Create Excel formulas automatically with this program

Perhaps at first it may be a bit surprising, but all we have to do is access the official website of the web application to check it out for ourselves. It is worth mentioning that this is a software solution that makes use of artificial intelligence to offer us custom formulas from the task description what we want to do. To achieve all of this, once we have accessed the application from our favorite browser, we have to write the description of the formula that we want to obtain.

At this point it is worth noting that the solution come here we talk to you here has support for Spanish. This means that we do not need to use English, as is usual in this type of platforms, for the aforementioned description. Once we have typed it, the program will start. It must be said that sometimes the process can take a few seconds, we must be patient.

After that time, at the bottom of the window in which we find ourselves, this application is not will offer the formula we want. On many occasions we will not even have to make changes to it. With everything and with it we also have the possibility of using this result as a starting point. With this we can customize that formula and adapt it to our needs or requirements. On certain occasions we will have to make several attempts with the description in order to get the formula what we need at that time.

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But as we gain experience in using this application AI-centric for Excel, little by little we will obtain better results.



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