“Just pay it”: Barbara Schöneberger throws up about miserly colleagues like Amira Pocher

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With jungle camp moderator Jan Köppen, Barbara Schöneberger (48) vomits in her podcast “With the waffles of a woman” about her stingy colleagues on Instagram. “Just pay it,” the moderator bursts out.

Cologne – A good three million people are watching “I’m a star, get me out of here” on RTL every day. The good ratings should not only reassure the producers, but also newcomer Jan Köppen (39). Hesse is the successor to jungle camp favorite Daniel Hartwich, who would rather spend time with the family than crack bad gags alongside Sonja Zietlow in Australia.

Barbara Schöneberger in a blasphemous mood with “Jungle Camp” presenter Jan Köppen

In episode #218, Barbara Schöneberger talks to the former VIVA moderator and immediately gets into a bad mood. First victim: jungle camp presenter Sonja Zietlow. The “Because they don’t know what they’re doing” presenter finds Zietlow’s style of clothing questionable. Colleague Jan Köppen also has to smile about it.

Barbara Schöneberger speaks in her podcast

Barbara Schöneberger speaks in her podcast “With the waffles of a woman” with jungle camp moderator Jan Köppen about the stingy Instagram colleagues. © Imago Images (photomontage)

Other colleagues from Schöneberger and Köppen from the entertainment industry also get their fat off. away Minute 12 coming in the podcast to talk to the moderators about advertising and sponsorship on Instagram. Köppen wants to know whether Schöneberger is a car woman. “Not at all, I moderate a lot for automobiles and such,” admits Schöneberger. “But I’ve always stayed out of it because I buy my own car and pay for it myself.”

Barbara Schöneberger refuses to have everything paid for on Instagram

This is the only way she can work for all brands. “I’m not a fan of always having everyone pay me for everything,” Barbara Schöneberger continues, referring to some colleagues who constantly advertise products on Instagram and take payment for them. “Why are you all doing this, you also earn so much money,” Schöneberger blasphemed. Many celebrities on Instagram are only out to have “every carpet, every sports bag, every shoe or every trip” paid for.

“I know that from colleagues. They don’t just go on vacation anymore. They call there and ask if they can get the larger suite for free” if they say the name of the hotel twice. “It’s great here in the organic hotel,” Schöneberger apes typical influencer slogans. “Then I always think to myself: just pay for the thing.”

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Allusion by Schöneberger to miserly colleagues like Amira Pocher?

Jungle camp moderator Jan Köppen agrees with Barbara Schöneberger’s blasphemous attacks, but admits that he once had bathroom fittings sponsored. Who exactly Schöneberger criticizes with “colleagues” is not revealed by the moderator “Do you understand fun”. It is quite possible that Amira Pocher, among others, could also be meant.

Amira Pocher offers herself again and again on Instagram as a sales talent for companies and has advertising deals paid for. Barbara Schöneberger criticizes such colleagues. © Instagram Amira Pocher

Oliver Pocher’s wife keeps advertising products on Instagram to collect money. The “Prominent” presenter should have been financially secure long ago. Pocher should follow just for her participation in “Let’s Dance” 2022– Information received 160,000 euros. Most recently, Pocher was paid for a deal with a confectionery manufacturer on Wednesday (19.01.). In her Instagram story, the Austrian explains: “Right now I’m pulling myself together with my diet, and then that happens” before she opens a large pack of sweets.

What can influencers earn from postings?

An influencer can earn different amounts for a single post. How much an influencer gets for a post depends on many factors. This includes the number of followers, the type of post (e.g. sponsored post, product placement, etc.), the industry and the platform on which the post is published. Some influencers can earn thousands of dollars for a single post, while others only get a few hundred dollars.

Amira Pocher is not alone with her “let me pay” mentality. Colleagues like “Bachelor” Andrej Mangold, Stefano Zarrella or Pietro Lombardi’s wife Laura also use their celebrity status to get products for free. After the podcast, Jan Köppen’s focus is back on his job in the Australian jungle. In the 16th jungle camp season, twelve celebrities fight for victory. In the event that one of them fails, substitute candidates such as Melody Haase are available. But waiting won’t make you particularly rich. Sources used:,

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