Just one act revealed the true attitude of Usmanov to Viner

Irina Viner and Alisher Usmanov stunned with their divorce after 30 years of marriage. But the oligarch initially had big plans for this union. The fact is that Usmanov accepted Wiener with her son Anton from his first marriage without any problems.

Not every man will decide to take such a step, especially those born in the USSR. As psychologist Olga Latyntseva explained in an interview with the Day.ru portal, in countries that went through the war, it was believed that women with children were given up.

Like, they will not be able to find happiness for themselves when most of the men were taken away by tragic events. A lot of time has passed since then, but the stereotype of a woman with a child still exists and is passed down from generation to generation, especially in Russia.

But for a real man with a solid and strong character, this is not a problem. So Alisher Usmanov demonstrated this by his example.

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