“Just as medicine advances, good treatment must also advance”

SUMMARY continues adding opinions of specialists around the serious complaint that left the Alta Gracia Sanatorium in the crosshairs.

This time, it was Gabriel Katzrenowned communicator specializing in gerontology, who gave his point of view regarding the treatment of older adults and, above all, the need to eradicate old practices to guarantee the rights of these people who are more vulnerable and socially “discriminated”.

“We must bear in mind that when we talk about older people, we are in itself talking about people discriminated against by our societies and that means we have to pay special attention to compliance with the rights of older people, of human rights,” Katz began. and expanded: “the truth is that we must always try to respect the autonomy of people’s rights, even in establishments that have to do with health, such as a hospital or a sanatorium and me It seems that this type of practice, such as restraint, conspires against the rights of older people.”

Likewise, and although the journalist -who was even the content coordinator for Aqua Major, the Argentine digital television signal for the elderly – acknowledged that these may be legally guaranteed practices, made it clear that “It is time to review the protocols.”

«Humanity advances, technology also and just as medicine advances, good treatment must also advance, because many times these situations that are read as inhumane, what they do is denigrate the person and violate their rights, when in reality when a person is hospitalized, good treatment should be guaranteed. These situations border on violence and when it comes to an older person, the abuse is double. It seems to me that as a society it is interesting to ask ourselves what treatment we give to people and in particular to the elderly, “he concluded.

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