Just an opinion and analysis…!!  Written by: Muhammad Abdel Rahman Al-Nayer (Butcher) – Sudanile

Just an opinion and analysis…!! Written by: Muhammad Abdel Rahman Al-Nayer (Butcher) – Sudanile

● By nature, I am not a pessimist, but I am a realist. They said that the war that broke out in Khartoum on April 15, 2023 would end within hours or a few days. We told them: “When a war breaks out, no one can determine its course and end, even its edges. We gave an example of the wars around us that continued.” For years and still…!!

●The ongoing war in Sudan does not see any strategic victory on the horizon for any of its parties despite the relative progress of the Rapid Support Forces, and if it continues in this manner, it will undoubtedly continue for years to come…!!

Realism says that you should not wait for the unknown, the realization of which is not in your hands. Wishes alone do not stop the war, and that this war has a high degree of complexity. It is not a war between the armed forces and the Rapid Support Forces only, but rather it carries within it all the ethnic and regional distortions of the post-state. Colonialism, and it has regional and international parties, and it can be called a war to settle major rivalries and differences, and any of its internal and external parties only wants to emerge victorious…!!

●The Sudanese must pay attention and not rely on the unknown and deceptive statements. Alternatives must be prepared to stabilize their families and ensure their safety away from the theaters of war, and to find opportunities to educate their children in any part of the world instead of wasting time and waiting for promises to resolve the war that you have been hearing since the first day of the conflict. Time is ticking and everything is ticking. Day by day, we find that the circle of war is expanding and its battles are increasing and intensifying, and for you in Syria, Libya, and Yemen, there is a warning and a lesson for you, if you understand..!!

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●The proliferation of initiatives and conferences is a prolongation of the war that has destroyed everything. It creates alignments that are not in favor of the Sudanese cause, the unity of the Sudanese, and the unification of their visions for the desired solutions. We are in dire need of the unity of efforts of all honorable Sudanese men and women who believe in stopping and ending the war, addressing the roots of the historical crisis, civil democratic transformation, and establishing a state of equal citizenship on the ruins of a state of wars, blood, and tears.

●The Jeddah Negotiations Platform, in its visible form, is not qualified to achieve the goal of ending the war and reaching a comprehensive solution to the Sudanese crisis. At its best, if the systematic defect in it is not addressed, it will be a repetition of the 1972 Addis Ababa Agreement, which froze the war for ten years and then broke out more ferociously on May 16. 1983, which did not stop until the signing of the Naivasha Agreement in 2005, which outlined the features of the secession of South Sudan in 2011 AD.

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September 14, 2023 AD

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