Is Germany a “disgusting white majority society”? Jürgen Trittin defends this statement by the Greens Sarah-Lee Heinrich at Lanz. Elke Heidenreich is astonished: “What are everyone always offended immediately?”

The guests

“You speak great German. Where are you from, originally?” People who are obviously not related by blood to Elke Heidenreich know such sayings well enough. Those who then truthfully answer with “from Wuppertal”, for example, often get insulted reactions. “What are everyone always offended immediately?”, Heidenreich complained to “Markus Lanz” on Tuesday evening. It was about the new federal spokeswoman for the Green Youth, Sarah-Lee Heinrich. Two years ago she had attested Germany a “disgusting white majority society”. Understandable, found party friend Jürgen Trittin. “You must first learn to formulate correctly,” said Heidenreich.

The 20-year-old was confronted shortly after her election as federal spokeswoman with six-year-old tweets in which she had used the term “Heil”. “What she wrote when she was young is unbearable. She said it herself,” said Trittin. “That doesn’t undo it. But that’s one way of dealing with it.”

Trittin defends Heinrich

Lanz then brought in the excerpt from a discussion from November 2019 in which Heinrich had questioned whether “Fridays for Future” would have been so successful in the “disgusting white majority society” in this country if students with a different skin color had led the movement. Here Trittin was fully behind his young party friend. “She speaks from very painful experience,” said the former Federal Environment Minister. “Many people of color in Germany have this experience every day – until they are constantly asked where they were born, for example, even if they were born and raised here in Germany – just because they look different.” He would not have chosen these words himself. But: “I can understand that you find that disgusting.”

It looked quite different with Heidenreich. The author explained that she herself would not find anything wrong if she were asked where she came from while on vacation abroad. Heidenreich made an all-round blow when she criticized Heinrich. “She can’t speak at all. They’re children again who don’t read. That’s this generation,” complained the literary critic. From this it followed for her: “That makes me skeptical – that one says: the main thing is diverse, the main thing is a migration background, the main thing is quota. That’s the wrong way to go.”

After the uproar over earlier statements, Heinrich received death threats and withdrew from the public. Among other things, the editorial network Germany spoke in their case of a specifically initiated Shitstorm. “When the 20-year-old was elected the new federal chairman of the Green Youth at the weekend, right-wing Twitter accounts initially posted memes under tweets from established news sites, such as the ‘Tagesschau’. The young politician has long been a thorn in their side . ” Above all, reference was made to Heinrich’s appearance in the discussion on “Fridays for Future”, which Lanz then took up.

Abolish CSU

Heidenreich remained in a permanently excited basic state with Lanz, but complained for her part: “Everything has become a bit hysterical.” This saying was specifically about gender, which is a horror for the literary critic. CSU boss Markus Söder also got his fat off. “This nefarious person”, annoyed Heidenreich and had a question. “Isn’t it possible that the CDU will part with this CSU one day? What kind of weight does this Bavaria have? Does that have to be?” “The question is very justified,” Lanz praised his Duz girlfriend. The Berlin CDU state chief Kai Wegner tried to conjure up the “together we are strong” mentality of the Union. But when Heidenreich asked whether the special status of the CSU was stipulated somewhere and would make a nationwide CDU impossible, he had to acknowledge: “No, the SPD is also organized nationwide.” “Mr. Wegner, you have the unique opportunity to plead for the abolition of the CSU,” the host enticed.

Trittin certified that the CSU had a “Bavaria first” mentality and saw this as a reason for the turmoil in the Union after the Bundestag election was lost. The result: “I don’t know who to call the Union at the moment,” said the member of the Bundestag, referring to a Jamaica coalition. He is part of the expanded group of the Greens in the exploratory talks with the SPD and FDP. Cem Özdemir is one of them. Lanz criticized that there would be no representatives with a migration background in the inner party circle. “They have a big neck. I know it,” he said with a look at Özdemir and his fellow party member Omid Nouripour.


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