Jurassic World: 20 details that refer to the first Jurassic Park

Broadcast this evening on TF1 “Jurassic World” is full of references to its big brother, directed by Steven Spielberg in 1993. Back to all the winks of the film.

An abandoned Jeep, a statue bearing the image of John Hammond, the return of Mr DNA, a book by Ian Malcolm or even a somewhat bloody demonstration of the famous chaos theory… Here are all the references to the first Jurassic Park that are hiding in Jurassic World, broadcast this evening on TF1.

“God Creates Dinosaurs”

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At the beginning of Jurassic Worldwhen Zach and Gray have just landed on Isla Nublar and take the monorail to get to the park, we can notice that the young girl, just behind them, is immersed in reading a book by Ian Malcolm (played by Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park).

The title of the book? God Creates Dinosaurs, in reference to a famous line uttered by the chaotician in the film.

“Welcome to Jurassic…World!”

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Even though the colors of the logo have changed, and even though the jeeps have been replaced by a monorail, the large double door that allows visitors to enter the park remains virtually identical to the one seen in the original film, always adorned with its torches.

Le Dr. Henry Wu

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InGen’s chief geneticist who enabled John Hammond to clone the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park has taken the lead since 1993.

Still embodied by BD Wong in Jurassic World, he is now at the head of a team responsible for creating new hybrid specimens to renew the interest of the public. A risky project that will lead to the birth of the Indominus Rex.


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The sign of this restaurant in the park – Winston’s – makes direct reference to one of the legends of the original film: the great Stan Winston, maestro of special effects who had supervised those of Jurassic Park. Tragically deceased in 2008, he could not participate in the conception of this new opus, which therefore reserves a beautiful tribute to him.

Helicopter ride

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At the beginning of the film, when Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Masrani (Irrfan Khan) take a helicopter to access the isolated complex where the new dinosaur specimens are cultivated, the overall plan is almost identical to that of the first film ( left), as John Hammond’s guests arrived on the island.


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“Our job is over”, lamented Alan Grant (Sam Neill) in Spielberg’s film while contemplating the work of John Hammond. “You mean ‘off’,” joked Ian Malcolm. Unfortunately, as can be seen at the beginning of Jurassic Worldboth men were right.

Indeed, instead of the paleontologists who dug up bones in Montana (above), it is now the young visitors to the park who have fun imitating them in a sandbox.


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This little animated character – who explained to visitors about Jurassic Park how John Hammond brought dinosaurs back to life – hasn’t quit his job! In Jurassic Worldwe can thus see it appear in hologram, within an interactive game tested by the young Gray.

T-shirt vintage

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This Jurassic World employee, played by Jake Johnson, is a true fan of the original park. Evidenced by the few figurines that surround his workstation, and especially his t-shirt: a vintage object that proudly displays the coat of arms of Jurassic Park.

“Where’s the goat?”

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Still there !

In Jurassic Worldmore than 20 years after the film by Spielberg, it would seem that the T-Rex has not really changed its diet. As we can see when Zach and Gray rush into the park and visit the “Tyrannosaurus Rex Kingdom” in particular, it is still a goat that is used as bait to attract the monster.

“That’s chaos theory!”

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Just before the task force is ambushed by the Indominus Rex, two drops of blood fall on one of the soldiers’ forearm, and flow in opposite directions.

This is a nod to the chaos theory defended by Ian Malcolm in the first opus: a thesis that the scientist had tried to explain to Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) by rolling drops of water on his hand.


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True emblem of the first Jurassic Park – which John Hammond proudly kept on the pommel of his cane and which enabled him to accomplish his genetic feat – this mosquito fossilized in amber is still present in Jurassic World. We can thus see it enthroned on the desk of Dr. Henry Wu, in the middle of the film.

A tra-verre

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As in Jurassic Park – where Lex and Tim faced the terrible jaws of the T-Rex through the glass roof of their Jeep – only the glass of the gyrosphere they’re in allows Zach and Gray to escape the Indominus Rex.

“When dinosaurs ruled the earth”

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When Zach and Gray, after narrowly escaping the Indominus Rex, wander the park looking for a way out, they stumble upon a place that fans of Jurassic Park know well: the main complex of the original park.

When he tries to make a makeshift torch, Zach uses a bone from the skeleton that the T-Rex had demolished at the end of the film, and the banner that had come off the ceiling under the roars of the dinosaur.

“Cool! Night vision!”

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Still in the same scene, Gray seems to be taking a close interest in a pair of night vision goggles, sitting on a shelf. The fans of Jurassic Park will have obviously recognized the object, manipulated by Tim more than 20 years earlier in the original film, just before the T-Rex landed.

Jeep n°029

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As for the Jeep that Zach manages to start, it is the same vehicle that Donald Gennaro and John Hammond borrowed at the start of the film. Spielbergas evidenced by the small label attached to the mirror, and bearing the number 029.


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Judging by the vegetation that has grown on it and by the design it sports – identical to that of the first film – this sign (on the right) also dates from the “John Hammond era”.


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Although he does not physically appear in Jurassic Worldthis fearsome frilled dinosaur who feasted on Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park nevertheless makes a small cameo in Colin Trevorrow’s film. Indeed, its hologram, activated by the young Gray in the main complex of the park, allows the characters to momentarily distort the company of a raptor.

John Hammond

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In the same scene (and in the same room), impossible not to notice this large bronze statue, in the likeness of the billionaire who founded Jurassic Park, still equipped with his eternal fossilized mosquito cane.


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Exactly as in the mythical sequence of Jurassic Park where Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm tried to lure the T-Rex away from the children using flares, Claire Dearing adopts the same technique to bring the dinosaur out of its enclosure and launch it against the Indominus Rex, at the end of Jurassic World.

22 years old, and all his teeth

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If Jurassic World’s T-Rex seems to enjoy the same foods and be attracted to the same lights as Jurassic Park’s, it’s simply because it’s the same dinosaur!

Evidenced by the old claw marks that can be seen on his right side, which had been caused by one of the raptors, at the end of the first film.



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