Junqueras asks the Supreme Court for his acquittal and affirms that “the repeal of sedition is the product of political consensus”


Requests that the “absence of criminal responsibility” be declared on his part after the repeal of the crime of sedition and the modification of the crime of embezzlement

Oriol Junqueras, on Thursday, in the protest against the Spanish-French summit in Barcelona.david ramirezARAB PRESS

The leader of ERC Oriol Junqueras has sent this Tuesday his brief of allegations to the Supreme Court requesting that after the repeal of the crime of sedition and the modification of the crime of embezzlement of public funds, his sentence be reviewed and the “absence of criminal responsibility” be declared. for his part.

In the allegations submitted to the High Court, to which he has had access THE WORLDthe former vice-president of the Generalitat affirms that “the repeal of the crime of sedition is the product of a majority political consensus embodied in a legislative reform that advocates the overcoming of atavistic criminal figures whose compatibility with the current social context is rejected”.

In addition, his defense considers that the facts for which the ERC leader was sentenced to 13 years in prison and disqualification for public office are not subsumable nor in the crime of aggravated public disorder introduced in the penal code nor in the new criminalization of embezzlement.

Your lawyer, Andrew Van der Eyden He stresses that the legislator himself has related this legal reform to “the need to provide Spanish criminal law with characteristics that make it comparable (in terms of legislative harmonization) with the environment of the European Union.”

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In his brief, Junqueras defends that the facts proven by the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court in its sentence -classified as a crime of sedition- “cannot find a typical fit in any other crime and specifically cannot be punished in accordance with the crime of public disorder”.

In addition, the convicted person -and pardoned by the Government- maintains in his brief that “the disappearance of the crime of sedition advocates the application of the current legislation against the repealed one, with a declaration of absence of criminal responsibility and revocation of any sentence imposed by such crime”.

Regarding embezzlement, the ERC leader affirms that the TS sentence was understood as “an unfair administration of public assets that was committed by my client for the purpose of carrying out a public referendum demanded by part of the electorate and followed by a significant part of it, without the concurrence for profit being considered proven”.

In this sense, Oriol Junqueras affirms that “the crime of embezzlement of public funds has traditionally been linked to the phenomenon of corruption, but it is certainly difficult to agree on what corruption is and what types of conduct it encompasses. Not all departures from legality inserted in an action of administration of public assets gives rise to a crime of embezzlement of public funds nor does it have to be considered corruption”.

Together with Junqueras, the former president of Parliament, Carme Forcadell, and the former ministers Dolors Bassa and Ral Romeva, have forwarded their allegations to the High Court today.

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