Jungkook from BTS uses WhatsApp and ARMY finds out, did they leak his number?

¡Jungkook uses WhatsApp! The youngest member of BTS surprised the ARMY with one of his best kept secrets, apparently the idol would use the famous messaging app. Fans found out after J-Hope shared a photo of his birthday messages.

In South Korea, one of the communication services is KakaoTalk, a platform used by the majority of the population, or alternatively LINE, since some artists or brands have agreements to launch stickers. BTS has its own collection with images of the members or characters of BT21.

However, due to the worldwide fame of Bangtan Sonyeondan and to his constant travels around the world, Jungkook it could have joined the most popular messaging app. This was what the ARMY discovered, Did they leak your phone number? This would be the test.

ARMY discovers Jungkook’s WhatsApp thanks to this message

Through his personal Instagram account, J-Hope shared several Stories with the congratulatory posts for his birthdays. But it was the message from Jungkook the one that caught the attention of the ARMY, because his partner blurred the entire background of the image and only showed the name and the text in Korean.

However, some fans were able to detect that Jungkook uses WhatsAppsince the design shown in the photo coincides with the background of the messaging app, since the time the message was sent appears. messagevery different from the KakaoTalk interface.

Some fans began to speculate if the members of BTS they use WhatsApp due to their travels abroad, if they send each other stickers and joked with discovering the Jungkook’s phone number. J-Hope took care of his partner’s privacy, as he deleted the rest of what appeared on the screenshot.

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BTS: How many phone numbers does Jungkook have?

After discovering that Jungkook uses WhatsAppthe ARMY of BTS He also realized another detail and that is that the singer is registered as “Jeon Jungkook”, his real name, and a 4 appears next to it. Some believe that he has more than one phone number and this is the way to differentiate them.

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