July inflation is 7.84%, the highest percentage in 20 years

The Cordoba Grocers Center projected an inflation of 7.84% for July 2022.

From the Department of Statistics and Trends of the Center, remarked that it is the highest figure in the last 20 years. In April 2002, monthly inflation was 10.4%. The report also establishes that the accumulated inflation so far in 2022 is 44.07%. On a year-on-year basis, it is 68.87%. The Center projected that by December, inflation will reach 82%.

“Essential foods, ranked behind food commodities whose price is inevitably adjusted to the parallel value of the US dollar (blue dollar); in July they had another record rise of 15.38% on average, causing an increase of 10.98% in the Basic Food Basket and placing the indigence line at $60,369.78,” remarked Germán Alejandro Romero, director of the Grocers Center.

And he criticized: “the National Government is bottled up in its denial, distributing simulated blame towards the Argentine productive sector, from the countryside and industry to the last link in the marketing chain.”

On the other hand, the Basic Basket for 4 people, which marks the limit of poverty, is 119.219,63 pesos.

According to consumer surveys, 72.20% purchased food with state aid (AUH, Food Card, Social Card, others).

The main price variations that occurred during July 2022 were as follows:
– Food and Drinks 10.98%
– Alcoholic beverages and tobacco 8.45%
– Miscellaneous Goods and Services 7.83%
– Education 9.50%
– Equipment and Home Maintenance 9.70%
– Leisure and Culture 11.35%
– Clothing and Footwear 10.40%

“Argentina is going through delicate moments, with an uncertain prognosis. It is time for all of us who forged this country to rise to the occasion; but it will be of no use if those who were elected to administer it for a period of time do not assume their commitment in a real way, with the degree of responsibility that falls to them,” Romero remarked.

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