Julio Menchaca presents strategy for health and well-being of Hidalgo

The common candidate of Together We Make History, Julio Menchaca Salazar unveiled the “State Strategy for the recovery of the health and well-being of the people of Hidalgo”, which is based on 10 fundamental axes: covid care model, care for women, for indigenous peoples, promoting community medicine, more and better distribution of medicines, as well as more infrastructure and better care for people with disabilities.

The standard bearer of Morena, the New Alliance Hidalgo Party and the Labor Party He explained regarding the axis of care that the Health League program will be implemented, consisting of the prevention and control of overweight, obesity, diabetes and hypertension through a healthy lifestyle model.

In addition, he said, there will be better care and attention for the elderly; procurement of educational spaces for parents, children and youth from Hidalgo; strengthening programs prevention and free care: improve the corresponding human resources and increase financing, strengthen prevention programs and early detection of cervical-uterine and breast cancer.

Regarding the axis of attention to women, it will seek to establish a network of safe and easily accessible sites for the protection of Hidalgo women, with the support of civil and business society. It will also be important to strengthen care for gender-based violence in shelters, as well as strengthen the care system for violence against women and provide specialized training in health centers.

Similarly, create the health and wellness services program for women, a comprehensive health plan in the most marginalized areas of the entity. Menchaca Salazar has expressed that prevention will be essential to combat different health problems, such as covid-19, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and breast and cervical cancer, through campaigns that have an impact on various sectors, especially in educational spaces.

As it has been externalized in various activities, Hidalgo is in the five entities with the fewest medical establishments and is the third place with the fewest nurses and hospital beds, as well as the second place with the fewest operating rooms and specialists.

He highlighted that among the main causes of death among the population of Hidalgo are heart disease and diabetes, while deaths from covid-19 are above the national average.


The common candidate for governor of Together We Make History affirmed that the best profiles will be in the public administration that he will head in Hidalgo, in case he succeeds on June 5.

“The best men and women will be in public positions,” said the standard-bearer for Morena, the Nueva Alianza Hidalgo Party (PNAH) and the Labor Party (PT), who argued that it is a “practical question, since the one most interested in the administration giving results is me, because the criticism is towards the ruler.”

During a meeting with representatives of the scientific community, held in Pachuca, the brunette thanked the participation in these citizen exercises that aim to generate opportunities for the inhabitants of Hidalgo.

“Today I see here friends of many years, outstanding researchers, participants in this movement, scientists, many who in the course of their lives have contributed, have studied, have built the development of the state.”

He said that later, “we are going to meet again to deal with specific topics, because it would not be the same to have a brainstorm, generate a document, present it, show it off, and then save it and forget about it. That’s what it’s about; transformation implies a social commitment, a commitment to all sectors of the population”.



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