Cancer diagnosis, chemotherapy, numerous operations and repeated pain: For months, influencer Julia Holz (35) has kept her fans up to date on her tough fight against cervical cancer at an advanced stage.

Then in October the wonderful news finally came: She was free of recurrences, and at her last examination there had been no recurrence of the tumor! But the next stroke of fate followed immediately afterwards: The “Goodbye Germany” emigrant had to undergo surgery on her stomach after a fall.

In the video above: After the cancer diagnosis, influencer Julia Holz planned a wedding and funeral.

Julia Holz: “Which doctor is poking around with tweezers?”

She has now survived the operation well, but unfortunately the healing process is obviously anything but positive. “I’m kind of angry today because I’m in such pain,” she now describes in her Instagram story. She hadn’t had any complaints in the last few days, but then she had been to a doctor whose approach she was annoyed with: “I mean, which doctor pokes around with a pair of tweezers, puts a finger in there?”

Since that doctor’s visit, the pain has been so severe that she has already called the hospital. Fortunately, there was a cautious all-clear from there. “As long as I don’t have a fever or anything, I don’t have to go there either. But I have to note that it doesn’t get any thicker now. I’m so angry!”

Another setback for the influencer, which is certainly not easy to cope with.

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