Judicial information opened on the Marianne Fund, Darmanin annoys the Italians and the Quai d'Orsay, Macron announces 1 billion per year for professional high schools… The news for this Thursday, May 4

Judicial information opened on the Marianne Fund, Darmanin annoys the Italians and the Quai d'Orsay, Macron announces 1 billion per year for professional high schools… The news for this Thursday, May 4

The main news for this Thursday.


Macron announces one billion euros per year for vocational high schools. The State invested “one billion euros per year” for vocational high schools, announced Thursday, during a trip to Charente-Maritime, Emmanuel Macron, making the reform of these establishments “a national cause”. The President of the Republic promised “a progressive internship allowance” depending on the student’s level. The latter will be paid up to 50 euros per week in second, 75 euros in first and 100 euros in terminal, he detailed. For the senior year, which requires more “flexibility”, “the duration of the internships will be increased by 50%”.

Marianne Fund: the PNF opens a judicial investigation. The National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) opened a judicial investigation on Thursday, in particular on suspicion of “embezzlement of public funds”, breach of trust and illegal taking of interests in the management of the Marianne fund, created in 2021 to fight against separatism, indicated the PNF, confirming information from France Inter. The management of this “Marianne Fund for the Republic”its exact title when it was launched by Minister Marlène Schiappa a few months after the assassination of Professor Samuel Paty, had been the subject of several reports to justice after press articles.

By criticizing Meloni, Darmanin provokes a diplomatic crisis with Italy. Ahead of his planned visit to Paris tonight, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani has decided to stay on the other side of the Alps. “I will not go to Paris for the scheduled meeting with” French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna, Antonio Tajani announced on Twitter. “The insults against the government and Italy launched by Mr. Darmanin are unacceptable. This is not the spirit with which we must face the common European challenges., he pointed out. This Thursday morning, at the microphone of RMC, the Minister of the Interior directly targeted the head of the Italian government. For him, Giorgia Meloni is “incapable of solving migratory problems” from his country.

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Disappearance of Leslie and Kevin: in police custody, the father would have tried to avenge his son. Guy Trompat, whose son Kevin was found dead in early March with his partner Leslie, was taken into custody, the Niort prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday, confirming information of the Parisian which hints at a possible revenge affair. The prosecutor did not specify the reason for the custody. This is a priori a case parallel to the investigation carried out by the Poitiers prosecutor’s office on the “disappeared from Deux-Sèvres”Leslie Hoorelbeke, 22, and Kevin Trompat, 21, found dead in Charente-Maritime on March 3 and 4, after three months of uncertainty.

Russian TV shows Putin in the Kremlin the day after the alleged drone attack. Russian public television broadcast footage on Thursday (May 4) showing President Vladimir Putin at a working meeting said to be taking place in the Kremlin, his first public appearance since announcing the day before an alleged drone attack. In these undated images, the Russian president talks with the Minister of Economic Development, Maxime Rechetnikov. Earlier in the day, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Vladimir Putin would work from the Kremlin on Thursday.

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On the evening of France-Morocco, the aborted descent of “modern-day Nazis”. On December 14, the evening of the World Cup semi-final, a coordinated action on Telegram brought together in Paris some forty ultra-right activists over-equipped with a view to committing violence against Moroccan supporters. Freed goes behind the scenes of the operation which made it possible to arrest the neo-Nazis before they took action. Read here.

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Cops, judges and politicians: the incredible network of the king of breweries. By dint of collecting the business cards of personalities and boosting each other, Richard Siad, alias Hamid, seems to have crossed the yellow line. He was indicted for “complicity in influence peddling” by an investigating judge from Versailles. Our survey.

In the Ukrainian city of Orikhiv, before the counter-offensive: “We are already ready, we are just waiting for an order”. Epicenter of the fighting in the Zaporijia region, the small town of 14,000 inhabitants before the war is in ruins. Those who have not left are hiding, while Ukrainian soldiers prepare to march south, amid the din of Russian airstrikes. Objective: the Sea of ​​Azov. Our report.

Attacks on Russian territory: how the Ukrainian counter-offensive is taking shape. For several days, more and more strikes have targeted Russia, in attacks that the Kremlin attributes to Ukraine. Kyiv, for its part, claims to be ready for its reconquest operation. Read our decryption.

Should we write an article every time an AI says nonsense? In recent days, the articles follow one another to raise the answers next to the plate of My AI, the virtual friend launched by Snapchat which would encourage sexual relations between minors and thirty-somethings. But isn’t it easy to make an AI say what you want it to say? It is time to have this debate. Read our post.



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