Big news for Uber’s cab drivers today. They are no longer freelancers and must be hired immediately. That was the verdict of the judge this morning in the lawsuit that the FNV filed against the taxi company.

Uber says it is disappointed with the ruling. According to the company, the vast majority of drivers would like to remain independent and do not relinquish the freedom they have as a freelancer. “In the interest of the drivers, we will appeal.” Naomi Slijngard of the FNV does not believe in that. According to Slijngard, the drivers are not freelancers. “It sounds very crude, but with the working method that Uber uses, you cannot call these people self-employed”.

According to taxi driver Hakim, this flexibility is currently a major cause of concern. “I prefer that I just know for sure where I stand and normally get a salary deposited into my account.”

Hakim Benamran has been a driver at Uber for several years and is happy with the ruling. “Now you can just work a 40-hour work week without having to sit in the car for 24 hours.” Colleague Mirsad Bektasevic also recognizes the long days. “We had no say at all. It was a one-way street and Uber decided everything. You had to work very long days to get by.”

Fixed salary and holiday pay for the drivers, but what does that mean for taxi prices? According to Slijngard, Uber’s monopoly position will in any case ensure that prices go up. Taxi driver Mirsad finds it understandable if the prices for the Amsterdammers are going to rise. “It is very important that the people who have to do the work get good compensation for that. I don’t think that is too much to ask.”

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