Juanita Goebertus will replace José Miguel Vivanco

Juanita Goebertus, current representative to the House from Bogotá, was elected as the new director of the Americas Division of Human Rights Watch. She replaces activist José Miguel Vivanco, who retired after 30 years.

Goebertus is recognized for her left-wing activism, she played a key role in defending the FARC during the Havana talks and has been a constant critic of the Armed Forces in Colombia.

The credibility of Human Rights Watch has been questioned at various times. The NGO has been involved, for example, in scandals over questionable donations, such as having received payments from Saudi Arabia so that it does not criticize its treatment of the LGBTI community.

It will be very difficult for Human Rights Watch to maintain a neutral stance on Latin American issues, especially Colombia. That NGO is today an organ of political activism of the left.



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