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On January 5, his niece Chiquis pointed out that he supposedly demanded from his brothers a payment of 300 thousand dollars for the work he did at Jenni Rivera Enterprises.

According to the singer, it is money that is “owed” to him for a series of songs and productions in which he worked as part of the legacy of the late Jenni Rivera.

Juan Rivera clarifies where his income comes from

Given this, Juan Rivera defended himself through a “live” that he posted on his YouTube channel this Saturday, January 22, where he responded to those who question him “where does so much money come from?”

He also took the opportunity to clarify whether it is true that his supposed fortune is valued at 10 million dollars.

“How cool”, he ironized about that fact, ” you don’t have to believe everything you hear or what you read and less on social networks”.

“Not because you don’t see me working, it doesn’t mean I don’t work,” he continued, “or not because I don’t work as you want to see me working, it means I don’t work. […] maybe I’m an Uber (driver) And you don’t even notice!”

It’s easy to loosen the tongue, or in this case the fingers, without knowing,” criticized the youngest of Jenni Rivera’s brothers.

I’ve been looking for a way to grow with various things, not one of the things I have done has exploded. Not one has been tremendously successful, but put them all together and the vaquita gets fat.”

He also said that he has a hairdresser and a business for pets: “Little by little it is coming in,” he said about the various incomes he has, however, he insisted that “he is not a millionaire”.

I don’t know where they got that I have 10 million, cool, good out!, but I have known how to do business, “he warned.

Juan Rivera defends himself from those who accuse him of allegedly not working

The also producer said that he is not interested in being questioned that he does not work because what he wants is for his money to “generate” returns in different areas and businesses that he has.

Tell me hue&%@, tell me how you want, but I don’t think I was born to work every day of my life, I have the ability to do things and make money work for me,” he admitted.

He said that he “learned” that from his father, don Juan Rivera, because he is a “businessman”: “For people who say I’m hue&%@, to start with you what does he care if I’m hue&%@?“, he answered, “am I in your house or in your living room, cooking in your kitchen or in your bathroom, leaving your house unattended or lying around?”

“What do you care! What is the ‘pex’ (problem), think about it,” he asked.

The conflict of Juan Rivera vs. Jenni Rivera’s children

This battle has divided a large part of the family, publicly airing accusations of alleged threats, indirect, aspects of their private lives and disqualifications.



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