Juan Orlando Hernández’s family helps found the first Jewish synagogue in Honduras

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- With the support of the Hernández family, of former president Juan Orlando Hernandez Alvaradothe foundation of the first Orthodox Jewish synagogue in the history of Honduras and the forthcoming construction of the largest Jewish synagogue in Latin America were announced.

the congregation synagogue Mishkan Shlomo under the supervision of the Lakewood Jewish Rabbinical Court, in New Jersey, and its Rabbi Knopfler, it will be located in San Pedro Sula at 13 Avenida 7ma Calle, Number 84, Barrio los Andes, 20 meters east of Russell Bedford.

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Within the project, land was obtained in San Pedro Sula for the construction of a Mikveh – (Jewish ritual immersion font), an Orthodox Jewish cemetery and the construction of housing apartments and houses for members of the Orthodox Jewish community Ohr Chaim de Honduras.

The new synagogue will be built in the shape of the Star of David and will have six floors, seats for 456 people in its main sanctuary, study halls where the center for Judaic studies and the B’Nei Noach; children of Noe largest in Latin America for the conversions and return of those forced by the inquisition of 1492 and to strengthen the orthodox Jewish communities of the diaspora.

The Orthodox Jewish community Ohr Chaim of Honduras and the synagogue Mihkan Shlomo Congregation They are born from the conversion to Judaism of more than 37 families from San Pedro Sula, Puerto Cortés, and Tegucigalpa who received their conversions or return to Judaism from the hand and supervision of the ultra-orthodox Beit Din of Lakewood, New Jersey.

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In addition to Badatz Tzedek presided over by his Av Beit Din Chief Rabbi Yisrael Aryeh Knopfler of the Premishlan dynasty of Judaism great-grandson of Chief Rabbi Yisrael Aryeh Marguiles who was Chief Rabbi of Premishlan in London, England. Premishlan was founded by Chief Rabbi Meir Hagadol of Premishlan, a disciple of the Baal Shem Tov from 1703-1773.

This community and synagogue will be the only representatives of the Orthodox Jewish religion in Honduras and will aim to return the Jews forced by the Inquisition and people from Latin America who wish to achieve a religious conversion to Judaism.

John Orlando Hernandez and his family confirmed, through an email provided by the former president’s lawyers in the US, that his family nucleus now belongs to the Orthodox Jewish people.

Alvarado, while in prison in the United States, is studying Judaism and even receives food -kosher- that the Jewish community sends him at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn.

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