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The Mexican Association of Faculties and Schools of Medicine and the Pfizer Scientific Institute released the names of the 83 best medical students from all over the country and the young man from Tampico, Andrés Felipe Melo Pacheco is one of the top 10 of all Mexico.

The distinction to academic excellence represented the opportunity to celebrate the performance of future doctors who have managed to excel in various areas of study, a situation that was celebrated in the southern area thanks to the dedication of the student of the IEST Anáhuac.

“It is a great honor I feel I feel very satisfied for the work I have done all these years, but the most important thing for me is the support net I’ve had this time I do not think that the achievement that I have obtained is individual, all this is thanks to my teachers, the doctors, my family, it is a very great happiness for me, but also for them because it is a teamwork to have achieved this place in the one that I am today, ”he pointed out to THE SUN OF TAMPICO.


The institutions that were given the task of evaluating the skills, abilities and discipline of students from all over the country carried out a virtual conference which was headed by the president and general director of Pfizer in Mexico, Constanza Lozada; the company’s medical director, Verónica Valdez and the president of the AMFEM, José Ángel Córdova Villalobos.

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“It was very cool to be part of this ceremony in which you can appreciate how every effort has been worth it. I did not imagine that I would be part of something so important, I knew and tried to be a good student, but being within the first 10 places It was unimaginable, I didn’t see myself like that ”, he commented.


Andres Melo explained that since he was a high school student, the taste for science Since I found in her the concern to know how the human body worked, “in high school I discovered that it was my thing,” he explained.

“Yes I must thank someone first I must make a gratitude to my mom and dad, they have been the ones who have experienced everything from achievements to falls first hand, they are the ones who have helped me keep going. My mom it is the pillar of all my achievements ”.

The IEST Anáhuac and its faculty they played a very important role for the selection of Melo Pacheco, who also thanked various teachers for their support and knowledge transmitted.

“To all the teachers I have something to thank from the directors: Dr. Vázquez, Dr. Willis, Dr. Fragoso, Dr. Alzaga, they have all been very good to me and if there is something that I consider special in my school is that the teachers they always seek to be open to get to know us, to know our weaknesses, our strengths and they help us a lot ”.


The tampiqueño who is currently preparing to start his specialty in Otorhinolaryngology made a call to all the students of medicine and he assured that nothing is impossible as long as you have a motivation.

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“Is not impossible, the discipline It is the most important thing of all you do not have to be a genius, you have to be a normal disciplined person I think it is the most important thing and to find something that motivates you to move forward in my case is my family because they are always the ones who motivate me to give my best and to study a little more”.

Be within 10 best medical students represented for the young man of Tampico, Andres Melo Pacheco the opportunity to continue striving and assured great things are coming for his career.




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