Jousting: the League championship has crowned its king in the waters of Palavas

Jousting: the League championship has crowned its king in the waters of Palavas

In the fight with Maxime Molto, Mickaël Wolff, finally present, did the job this Sunday, September 3 for the title.

They will have made the suspense last as long as possible. This Sunday, for the closing of the championship organized by the Lance Sportive Palavasienne, the day started with a surprise. Announced absent, Mickaël Wolff (NLM) was finally there to defend his chances of retaining his title of champion of the Heavy League.

Plans change

And that changed things considerably. If he just needed to win the second prize to beat him to the post, Maxime Molto (APSM) therefore saw his plans likely to be modified.
And this was confirmed in the middle of the afternoon with the qualification of Wolff for the rematches. For his part, after a quiet playoff, Molto continued his journey without forcing any more, against Floréal Camélio (JLS). But his window of opportunity was reduced when the Mézois later defeated Théo Lognos (PA) to reach the semi-finals.

Back against the wall

From then on, each pass from Maxime Molto became crucial. And the member of the Fishermen held firm, winner of John Ragno (LAS) to also join the last four.

His title chances were then in the hands of Blaise Imbert (LSP). Superb winner of Léo Causse (APSM) in the previous round, the Palavasien would certainly have wanted to continue his journey at home, but Mickaël Wolff did not flinch and, from the first pass, won his fight, climbed into the final and won the League champion title 2023! He did well to come…

The champion did not make the trip for nothing.
The champion did not make the trip for nothing. FREE MIDI – JC

For the second consecutive year, Mickaël Wolff won the championship and, in the other semi-final, Maxime Molto perhaps suffered the blow. Still, he went into the water from his first pass against Sylvio Cuciniello (SJF).

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Until the end

In the final, the brand new champion could then have relaxed. But he obviously wanted to close the loop. The season therefore ended with a fifth victory for Mézois, a second consecutive title at Palavas and, above all, this second heavyweight title.

Now it’s time for the championships, this Saturday September 9 in Agde, which will see the curtain fall definitively on this 2023 season.

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