Although Jose Eduardo Derbez has been very cautious in discussing his relationship with Paola Dalay, with whom he has been in a relationship for a little over a year and a half, the actor little by little has begun to share with his fans details of what happens inside his intimate life, especially after he decided to make his romance public. As he has done recently, when the actor has referred to the age difference that exists between him and his girlfriend, making it clear that despite the fact that 10 years separate their dates of birth, they have managed to adapt to The perfection.



It was during one of his appearances in the program Members on air, where the comedian also referred to the relationship he has formed with Paola Dalay, and with which he is very happy, admitting that when he met her he was a little concerned about the issue of age, so he even spoke with the parents of his girlfriend. “Speaking of differences, me with my girlfriend, when I saw the age difference what worried me were their parents. So I went with his parents, I saw that the parents had no (problem) and I said how to say it goes”, Commented the interpreter. “My girlfriend is 10 years old now and it is (a lot) for me,” he added.

Now, the 29-year-old artist and his girlfriend have managed to form a solid relationship and in fact in a few months it will be two years since they decided to start writing their love story. Of course, the actor has recognized the maturity of Paola, with whom he has coupled perfectly. “The relationship is great, because she is very mature, I am immature so it helps. I am like a little boy and she is more mature and turns him more”, Commented the interpreter between laughs.

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Are you ready to go down the aisle?

Although José Eduardo and Paola are very much in love and enjoying their relationship to the fullest, everything seems to indicate that so far they have no plans to take their relationship one step further, so wedding plans are not yet on the near horizon. This was revealed by the same actor during one of his recent participations in the program Members On Air, in which he was questioned by a guest about the wedding date. This question took him by surprise, yet he calmly exposed his stance on taking it easy. “No why, no, we are good, we are on time”, He commented.

At another point in the broadcast, the conductors reflected on the issue of age and how they assume it, and José Eduardo confessed that, although he still feels young, in some aspects he has felt some social pressure in regards to formalizing even more. their love relationship. “I am in my 29s and it is difficult for me to reach 30 because I do feel weird, apart from that all my friends are getting married“Admitted the actor. “So friends start to get married, and the girlfriend suddenly comments to you, and suddenly more friends with children …“He added as he delved into his point. At the end of last May, José Eduardo had already expressed his opinion about taking another step in his courtship, as he was questioned on the Hoy program about whether he planned to marry Paola in the short term. “No, no, no, right now there are no wedding plans, there will be no wedding, right now I am focused on work 100%, the wedding will come later, if there is, but, no, we’ll see“He said then.

José Eduardo Derbez and his girlfriend Paola DalayVIEW GALLERY


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