Jorge Javier, about Olga Moreno: “Rocío Flores prefers to crush her than leave her father in doubt”

After a well-deserved vacation, Jorge Javier has returned to ‘Save me’ where he has not hesitated to express his forceful opinion on the latest controversies that dot Olga Moreno, Rocío Flores and Antonio David Flores

In top form and after having enjoyed a few days off, Jorge Javier Vázquez (52 years old) has once again set foot on the set of ‘Sálvame’. Tuesday afternoon has been most agitated, marked by the unexpected departure of Carmen Borrego (56 years old), in tears. With her usual disarming sincerity, she has voiced her opinion in every debate, though it was one that especially made her more forceful. Jorge Javier has spoken loud and clear about the latest controversies starring Olga Moreno (47 years old), Rocío Flores (26 years old) and her father Antonio David (47 years old). Very forceful towards the attitude of the winner of ‘Survivientes 2021’ has sentenced: “She is a coward and a liar. He is afraid of being, but he is more afraid of Rocío Flores.”

Jorge Javier, very critical of Olga Moreno’s latest controversies

Olga Moreno is focused on starting a new life with her partner, the representative Agustín Etienne. Her plans are to move to Madrid, so she has asked Antonio David that her son David leave his house in Malaga. This movement has tensed the spirits within a family that boasted of being exemplary and being united in adversity.

As Makoke has assured, Rocío Flores has been left in the care of her brother, who lives in her home, after father and daughter went looking for him “fed up”, according to the testimony of Kiko Matamoros’s ex-wife, that Olga out “hanging medals” for taking care of the young man.

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One more controversy that coincides with Marta Riesco, Antonio David Flores’ current partner, apologizing to Olga Moreno for having exposed the daughter they have in common on social networks. The patio is more troubled than ever and Jorge Javier has presented a lucid analysis of the situation, especially the one that concerns ‘OA’which remains silent.

“Olga fears Rocío Flores more than her ex”

“She does not speak because she is terrified by being. She sees that the same thing is about to happen to her as to Rocío Carrasco and she is not a brave woman,” she has sentenced. The presenter wanted to go further in her reflection, asserting that she “is not afraid of being, but of Rocío Flores. She fears Rocío more than her ex.”

Jorge Javier speaks with knowledge of the facts. He already stated that Olga had cheated on him at the beginning of everything, when she was a self-sacrificing wife, lover of the older children of her partner, whom “I only needed to give birth to,” as she boasted in Honduras. “At first, I thought she was a victim of being. Then I came to think that she was a necessary accomplice to the mistreatment of Rocío Carrasco. And now will become a new victim of being”has continued.

“Rocío Flores prefers to crush Olga than leave her father in doubt”

The Reading blogger has explained each of his words below, seeing the great interest that he has aroused among his companions on the set. “In Olga’s thought, Rocío Flores is much more dangerous, because she prefers to crush Olga Moreno than leave her father in doubt”has stated.

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Hence, the ex-intimate of Ana Luque, whom he has also described as a “liar” remains in almost sepulchral silence. “He does not speak out of cowardice, for fear of facing a real interview”, with this phrase Jorge Javier has recalled all the problems that colleagues like Isabel Rábago encountered in that special called ‘Ahora, Olga’ in July 2021.

On that occasion, the objective was for the winner of ‘Survivientes’ of that year to sit down to answer all the controversies, especially, all the times that Rocío Carrasco had pointed her out, with evidence, in ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’. However, above all to avoid judicial problems with the daughter of the eldest he dodged controversy by vetoing questions that referred to this topic.

Jorge Javier clarifies his present in Telecinco after returning from vacation

Jorge Javier has also recalled Olga’s tense interview with Toñi Moreno, with which she was very ungenerous and to which she also vetoed everything related to her family and the controversies that dotted it. Likewise, the presenter of ‘Sálvame has recalled a phrase that he told Rocío Carrasco regarding Antonio David’s ex-wife: “There will come a day when I ask you for advice.”

In addition to this powerful topic, Vázquez has also responded to the rumors about his television future on Telecinco that have occurred during his absence. “I already warned that I was going on vacation, my vacations are over and here I am still, in my job, there is no more.”



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